The Learning Tree

The Learning Tree

The story, set in Kansas during the 1920's, covers less than a year in the life of a black teenager, and documents the veritable deluge of events which force him into sudden manhood. The family relationships and enmities, the fears, frustrations and ambitions of the black teenager in small-town America are explored with a strong statement about human values.

The story, set in Kansas during the 1920s, covers less than a year in the life of a black teenager, and documents the veritable deluge of events which force him into sudden manhood. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan G (au) wrote: This movie is terrible, the animations are terrible especially for a movie from 2012. The story is confusing and hard to follow, there seems to be no plot whatsoever. I recommend to avoid this movie.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: A dull and obvious prequel with a predictable paper-thin plot that reuses the same old unscary sheet tricks of the first movie and even has a guy - stubborn to the point of stupidity - carrying a camera for much longer after good sense would have made him drop it.

Nikki W (jp) wrote: One of the most realistic movies I've ever seen, this is at times uncomfortable and even cringeworthy viewing, but it's also the sort of movie that you can't tear yourself away from.Joanna Hogg's direction is so brilliantly authentic it feels as though you're actually on holiday with them viewing their day to day activities and problems from just a few feet back and I found myself feeling embarrassed but also liking these characters and their flaws. I think most people would agree that a family and friends' holiday is often an awkward occasion for all involved and this movie displays that with ease and I especially liked that a lot of the scenes were obnoxiously loud and the conversations were cut off as the characters dealt with each other.Kathryn Worth gives an excellent performance as Anna and it really seems like she is just tagging along, not really being a part of either group. When she does find her place I felt happy for her and as she falls for Oakley she portrays the absolute perfect example of almost crushing vulnerability and a longing for something that would make her feel some self-worth. I'll admit her character did start to grate on me towards the end, but I think this is due to her honest portrayal of a woman who is very unhappy and is finally facing up to what she has become and what she wants.Tom Hiddleston gives a very enjoyable performance throughout as Oakley who has the carefree arrogance and charm of youth. His argument with his father, David Rintoul's George is intensely uncomfortable and very familiar but I was surprised by his maturity regarding Anna's betrayal. I always like it when actors who are real family members also portray this on film and Emma Hiddleston gives a likable and understated performance as Badge.I really enjoyed all the supporting roles and again loved that it was very realistic as they travelled through the City.I am so happy to have seen this, it's an honest and important piece of drama that can speak to us all about how we deal with our nearest and dearest and how we all show different sides of ourselves, but in the end have to live with our decisions.

Sheridan P (es) wrote: Oh dear. Good example of cause and effect, and a moral lesson! Keep on the straight and narrow or you'll land up getting embroiled in murder, fraud, theft and all sorts of depravities!

James H (au) wrote: Well meaning but I just never found it very engrossing. The acting is fine but no one is a stand out. It seemed longer than it's actual length. I just never cared much for any of the characters.

Ryan S (fr) wrote: 4.5/5. Equally hilarious and brilliant. Both Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise are incredibly funny in this insane film.

Claudette A (mx) wrote: Boring, really no depth to this movie.

Gareth M (it) wrote: I watched this with it being "Obama" day; thought it be quite apt, although not having a clue what the "Million Man March" was (thank you wilkopedia). This would make a good English Literature or perhaps American Social studies, or even just good to watch in black community groups. Its essentially a very well written group of different black men on a bus, in a talking heads style which is very addictive. There are lots of procogative issues inlcuded including sexism, homophobia and (pro) racism which in itself sparks a reaction, but then thats the point. The whole film is a open debate for black people, about black americans, there rights, there history, there perceptions (and perceptors) and their hope and dreams which is ultimately effective. However this constraints and restrict the audiences to americans and specifically black americans only.

Kraig M (br) wrote: Outstanding and influential, I probably would not have had three decades of passionate Motorcycling without it. I even named my 2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200, Mert.

Jorge A (us) wrote: Una buena peli para pensar en el Amor y el Sexo

Duarte M (ca) wrote: terrible movie... probably the worse thing I have watched in a LOOOOONG time

Erik D (ca) wrote: At no point did I expect this film to be good. Pay the Ghost is a straight-to-streaming movie starring Nicolas Cage and that alone is enough to build the excitement. I'll watch just about anything he stars in, although I'm not sure I should as after a while it becomes one of those "self harm" moments. What was I talking about? Pay the Ghost! Good.So do you know what wasn't good? Everything about this film. The story was almost original... seriously for a few moments I thought Pay the Ghost had potential. I WAS WRONG! The ridiculousness of this story has to be heard to be believed. In fact, regardless of the rating I'm about to give it, you should probably watch this. If you do, every movie that follows it will be that much better by comparison.I'm not even done complaining yet. There's a scene with a psychic... oh geez. Words cannot do it justice. Actually, none of the classic moments in this film can be done any form of justice just by me talking about them. Each of the "scares" in this film? Classics! Maybe they were actually trying to make it so bad that it's good. That is the only explanation I can give. Wait.. there's one more. It sucked.

Barney o (nl) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Writing a review for 'Sightseers' isn't a particularly easy thing to do, because all there really is to say is that it's completely bonkers. I could try and quantify its hilarity with words and dissect the reason its blend of satire and off-the-wall situational humour makes me laugh, but actually I'm not really sure why it does. In some ways the fact I find it so amusing confuses me because it really shouldn't, but then that's the beauty of comedy than Ben Wheatley seems to enjoy exploiting. I enjoy it too.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It is the same sort of weird joke for quite a long time...VERDICT: I suspect Amy Jump would be very pleased about the fact I can't really quantify my thoughts, but the bottom line is that this film is very funny, and very weird. Go see it.