The Legend of Billie Jean

The Legend of Billie Jean

Average Texas teen, Billie Jean Davy, is caught up in an odd fight for justice. She is usually followed and harrased around by local boys, who, one day, decide to trash her brother's scooter for fun. The boys' father refuses to pay them back the price of the scooter. The fight for "fair is fair" takes the teens around the state and produces an unlikely hero.

The movie revolves around Billie Jean, a relatively normal teenager until her brother's motorscooter is trashed by a gang that she slighted, and until her brother accidentally shoots someone, then their fight for "fair is fair" takes the teens around the state and produces an unlikely hero. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell D (ca) wrote: Laughed so hard. Awesome film.

Jonas Z (ru) wrote: Creepy at first, tedious and predictable halfway and simply halfassed in the end. Bleh.

Mia M (nl) wrote: I think its funny. Bartok is so cute and funny and likeable.

David K (it) wrote: Stephen Chow's supposedly breakout hit. Ng Man Tat's character sucks for his pervertedness.

Philip L (br) wrote: One of the best documentaries ever made. Wiseman's camera floats through the asylum like a ghost, capturing impossibly raw emotions and actions from the inmates and their captors.

Matt D (jp) wrote: In terms of entertainment value I vastly prefer some of the more traditional storytelling in other Disney classics but it's impossible to deny the artistry on display here in 'Fantasia'. It's the kind of movie that can legitimately be shown on the wall like a piece of art or playing in the background for simple musical enjoyment, but when you put those two elements together it is a truly beautiful and daring piece of work for its time.

Lori B (br) wrote: Very good period drama about WW I.