The Legend of Gator Face

The Legend of Gator Face

Small-town Mississippians overreact to the appearance of a mythical swamp monster, partially the work of teen hoaxers.

Small-town Mississippians overreact to the appearance of a mythical swamp monster, partially the work of teen hoaxers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Billy T (jp) wrote: Similar to 'unfriended' as far as the whole thing being online through webcams etc. I thought this was much better though. It definitely falls into the category of "torture porn" and so I found it very difficult to keep my eyes open during the extremely violent parts. The silly ending lets it down as it's just not plausible at all. The last 30 minutes are very reminiscent of 'saw' with the grungy run down torture chamber etc. I'm really not a fan of gratuitous violence as its not clever or original film making.

Jack W (fr) wrote: It's ok throughout, but the ending is bad.

Julien A (jp) wrote: Captures the lives many of my friends live, so, it was sobering

Brent M (gb) wrote: Gary Sinise stars as Gov. George Wallace, who tried to block desegregation in Alabama. It follows him through his political career and shows both his good and bad points. It shows how sometimes it takes a tragedy to change what you really believe.

Stanley L (it) wrote: Just another laugh and forget show.

Jose R (ag) wrote: It's not as great as the first film, but still serves as a guilty pleasure sequel. B

Alex K (de) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Joe S (jp) wrote: Pretty intense film. Which is pretty impressive when you realize. How much is implied as opposed to laid right out

Desiree V (ag) wrote: I love this movie, I always laugh my butt off when I watch it. I do miss John Belushi, he was such a funny man.

Tiberio S (es) wrote: Absolutely transcendent, the greatest sports film I have ever seen.One of the greatest casts I've ever seen - Al Pacino Is the coach, he is everything an actor can embody in this role. Dennis Quaid is the aging quarterback as he is the aging pitcher in The Rookie. Lauren Holly is the players wife. LT, LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx, Bill Bellamy - who wouldn't believe this is a real team? Charlton Heston, Ann Margaret, Jim Brown, James Woods, Matthew Modine - everyone brings charisma and authenticity. I forgot LT was a real life player, he felt like a genuine actor. And Oliver Stone goes beyond his usual cameo to playing the recurring drunken announcer.This serves as a precognition to future issues about concussions, drugs, and physical health in the sport, something not as commonly spoken of then, now is everyday conversation. As such, it is far more bold and daring than Concussion.Every single scene is layered with more than what's on the surface. A distraught coach facing age sees images of WWII. A conversation with the quarterback intercuts echoing voices and Ben-Hur, who turns out the be the commissioner of the the league.The film assembly is incredible, and it took four editors, probably working day and night, to do it. I love the frequent use of the slow-mo spiraling football, had such texture to it that makes you fetishize the game of football. At the end of the picture, the slow countdown of the clock, seeing the inside of the light board. Stone can feel every detail of this game in his bones, it's an incredible trip.

Lucas V (gb) wrote: I don't know why everybody talks shit about this movie, i laughed my ass off.