The Legend of Johnny Appleseed

The Legend of Johnny Appleseed

A retelling of the life of the legendary American itinerant apple tree planter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Legend of Johnny Appleseed torrent reviews

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Joshua F (it) wrote: slowwwww and boring.

Ollie W (ru) wrote: It's cold and isolating and at times Corneliu Porumboiu sort of hates his audience, but this rye and cynical slice of European New Wave culminates in a superb, hilarious, infuriating 20 minute un-edited passage that puts some perspective on the idiocy of industry bureaucracy.

Obey Princess A (es) wrote: i love this i would see it every time

Mal K (mx) wrote: SERIOUSLY THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. the acting was horrific, the cinematography was really bizarre, it was just really really really bad

Jena M (br) wrote: might be interesting....Ya Think???

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Ian M (fr) wrote: Really cute movie. The uoung main actor is brilliant, and now I want a cheetah cub as a pet! Not sure I'll want it once it's grown though! Worth a watch the once.

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Frankie D (kr) wrote: interesting concept and Ian's character was awesome (at least until the last ten minute's of the movie) but the storyline seemed a bit pointless- perhaps if the focus had been on Ryan trying to get free rather than saving Alex it would have been better.

Ethan P (de) wrote: A very competent western, but having seen the remake prior to it, nothing was very surprising or new.

Jarrod M (de) wrote: Just watched it. Very informative. They have always been deliberate in what they have done. I just feel more and more happy with them as artists every time I get any more background or story from their past. I most certainly recommend it.