The Legend of Naresuan: Part 2

The Legend of Naresuan: Part 2

Prince Naresuan is now the crown prince of Ayutthaya and the king of Burma is dead. While the new Burmese king is waging war, the crown prince plots to assassinate Naresuan. Hearing this, ...

Prince Naresuan is now the crown prince of Ayutthaya and the king of Burma is dead. While the new Burmese king is waging war, the crown prince plots to assassinate Naresuan. Hearing this, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Legend of Naresuan: Part 2 torrent reviews

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 12/5/2013)

Manyi E (it) wrote: It made me laugh, scratch my head and even despair.....for the art of filmaking. Brittany Murphy's (R.I.P) face was kinda distracting too. I do not recommend buying the DVD

Tracey L (de) wrote: Awful. Just really awful.

RajanSatish P (nl) wrote: Visually stunning and very well directed.great work of art...deeply engaging

Juan C (au) wrote: 'paradise now' has to be one if the most insightful, realistic, and brilliantly dramatization on the motivations of terrorist! It's that there is a choice that we have and w chose to follow that choice or not. It's the most powerfully thoughtout political foreign language film I've ever seen! A+

Kevin K (de) wrote: Comfortable Ransom-formula with thugs messing with the wrong retired special forces guy. The dude is however not the best first suitable choice when it comes to rescue missions.

Johnny R (au) wrote: Better than the first!!

Dennis A (nl) wrote: I don't ask a lot from a movie. But I'm kind of "non-negotiable" on "It has to have a plot." Go to a large museum on a Saturday afternoon and wander around for an hour or so. You'll see various dramas played out as you wander. Sound compelling to you? The main difference between your museum wanderings and this movie is that the people at the museum won't be dressed as foppishly.Maddeningly tedious.

Johnny T (ru) wrote: The sequel, the brilliantly titled Inspector Gadget 2 replaces Matthew Broderick with someone infinitely less talented and frankly quite obnoxious: French Stewart. So if the cancellation of Third Rock from the Sun has you itchin' for more of French Stewart's "comedic talents" - I'm sorry to report that Inspector Gadget 2 is basically the only place to get your fix. The original Gadget flick was extremely awful and instantly forgettable. This money-grab video-sequel is a whole new kind of awful, and it's the kind of DVD release that should come with a free coupon of Advil as part of the product placement. The comedy is flat, the jokes are stale, the characters are static, and the plot is nonexistent. he lead is nothing but a keening cipher, the narrative clearly has no intention of making sense, everything is beholden to the copious goopy layers of CGI stupidity. There's no heart, no wit and certainly no real sense of fun. Featuring a truly awful screenplay and more overbaked CGI detritus than you can shake a claw at, IG2 is a loud and garish and oppressively off-putting experience. VERDICT: "Not So Hot" - [Negative Reaction] These films are truly terrible films. They are not the worst things ever made, but they are definitely awful and should not be seen by anyone. (Films that are rated 1.5 or 2 stars)

Lynda M (de) wrote: Scott makes a 1950's type thriller, that perhaps didnt do that well with the majority, yet it is still a well crafted film, leaning more on moods and atmposphere than action. A blessing compare to some of the junk that has been released at the same time.

Jim C (kr) wrote: Bing Crosby portrays the inculpable Father Chuck O'Malley, who rivals Jesus himself in moral purity. O'Malley is assigned to an ailing parish to replace grumpy old Pastor Fitzgibbon (Barry Fitzgerald). There is no antagonist to speak of, and the film is a mostly languid "do-gooder" drama that is only really entertaining during its musical bits or when Fitzgerald is on-screen. If you could make a 1944 propaganda film to sell the Catholic Priesthood, it would probably be "Going My Way." Maybe that was the point, but the film is very outdated in this respect. During one scene, Father O'Malley convinces a bunch of young trouble-making boys to join him for a trip to the baseball park. "Its a date," the priest says. I couldn't help but smirk. The film also disparages atheists and non-practicing Catholics. There are a couple of memorable jingles and performances but this was a movie for its time, not ours.

Matt G (ca) wrote: Long before Hollywood completely demolished the reality of "true love" through decades of crappy rom-coms, Murnau was critiquing infatuation-based relationships in this visually arresting and heartbreakingly sweet romance. In lieu of the ubiquitous butterflies-in-the-tummy, it uses the natural fading of passion overtime as a jumping off point for real, commitment-based love. With more than enough lightness and humor, we are easily carried through its heavy yet affecting melodrama.

David M (fr) wrote: One of my all-time favorite movies.