The Legend of the 5ive

The Legend of the 5ive

All Hallows Eve - the perfect night for a ghost hunt. At least that's what documentary film-maker Julia Marsh was told when she joined 'Paranormal Investigations Inc' for their Live Halloween special.

All Hallows Eve - the perfect night for a ghost hunt. At least that's what documentary film-maker Julia Marsh was told when she joined 'Paranormal Investigations Inc' for their Live Halloween special. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Legend of the 5ive torrent reviews

Adam R (it) wrote: this looks odd on sooo many levels

Douglas B (us) wrote: enjoyed most definitely

Juliano K (nl) wrote: totally depressing, seth proves he can do better and more than just comedies!!!! well done my mate!

Katie B (ru) wrote: A film with heart and family values revisited, but sadly slow-paced: the transition shots were often too disconnected and distant. It felt as if time had gone by as if we sat waiting to see the next week's episode, except this wasn't a TV series, this was just over an hour and a half full-length feature. The elements were present, but the execution was a bit disappointing.

Brandon T (de) wrote: A really unique and entertaining movie. Also quite educational.

Guido S (ag) wrote: Josh Hartnett falls in love with Diane Kruger before she disappears, then he thinks he sees her one day at a restaurant and tries to find her again. Even if the story was told linearly, it still would be hard to believe given how connected we are with technology. It just wasn't that interesting and was mostly boring when I could see what was coming right away. Based on a French film, I'll have to check that out to see if it is better. Diane Kruger and Matthew Lillard would later team up on The Bridge

Rodney E (nl) wrote: Buffalo 66 makes Vincent Gallo cool in my book. It features a humor and disconnection that is rarely in other movies. The whole cast is awesome in this. Back when Christina Ricci was hotter than sin. Wha happened? Gallo's pathetic character is great as is his family dynamic. Great soundtrack and great acting. My favorite sequence is the phenomenal scene with Gallo going into the strip club with Heart of the Sunrise by Yes playing. Absolutelty cool.

Bernardo B (gb) wrote: This is the best movie of all time.

Private U (it) wrote: Silly film but one of the last great comedies of its kind of that era. Great days!

Eleni F (es) wrote: Mickey Rourke at his best! Especially the last scene. A must see.

Hal M (de) wrote: See this movie! RT's low rating here is based on only 9 reviews counted and should be IGNORED. This is by Ken Russell who also did Women In Love (nominated for Best Director & Best Screenplay), and it's one of his best pictures. Anthony Perkins--of Hitchcock's Psycho fame--again is brilliant in playing a lethal maniac yet it's not a rehash of young Bates; this character has quite a different persona. Kathleen Turner too is great as China Blue, possibly her most memorable role. Incidentally, as of 2012 the story's premiss has been made more plausible by the shocking revelation that upstanding former Olympic athlete Suzy Favor has been working as a high-priced call girl in Las Vegas--even though she's married with a child, & co-owner of a prospering real estate agency.

Sean D (br) wrote: Blacula, is an early '70s film so the credits are 5 seconds long lol. Anyway, I expected this to be a lot better but I was grossly mistaken. The whole film was essentially a crime drama mystery. There wasn't much too it than kill become investigate kill become investigate kill become investigate. Anyway, I hated a certain something about old Dracula films, every vampire had different skin color in vampire form, now I don't know if that was to show they didn't drink enough blood or not, nowadays the vampire just ages really badly. Also, what's up with the awkward facial hair that appears in vampire form? I don't get it. The giant eyebrows or weird side burns....I don't know. Anyway, like I said the film is pretty boring and played a lot on the race card, at least in the beginning and was pretty stupid and annoying and may have been an important film tactic back then. But something like that doesn't age well and just appears rediculous in today's modern times, well...let's see if the sequel is any better.

Tim M (es) wrote: Wonderfully generic. Venezuelan Rodriguez (no relation to Robert) shoots a film in Eastern Europe that supposedly takes place in Mexico. Good gun fights.