The Letter

The Letter

The Letter is a 1997 South Korean film starring Choi Jin-sil and Park Shin-yang.

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The Letter torrent reviews

Carlo Magno M (au) wrote: Does not live up to the rest of Korean Martial Art movies (both action & plot) out there.

Charlie E (ru) wrote: very much action and entertaining on this fourth installment and want to watch the fifth one when it's out to watch it. plus 6th one planning to be made.

ang (fr) wrote: ce lo potevamo risparmiare (per ha una simpatico mini dialogo su cavallucci marini e lesbiche).

Adryan G (nl) wrote: Nothin' special, not horrible.

Bastien M (br) wrote: Le film vaut surtout pour De Niro et pour la description de cette horrible periode que fut le maccarthysme. Pour le reste, tres (trop) classique.

Alejandro R (au) wrote: I actually really liked this film. It's definitely edgy and that's one of the qualities that has it be a great expression of modern times. Some fairly strong performances all around and a really good writing and directorial debut for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.