The Level

The Level

Two bodyguards set out to find their boss's killer before his son starts a mob war.

Two bodyguards set out to find their boss's killer before his son starts a mob war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David T (br) wrote: This needs to come to Charlotte so I can see it!

Chad D (br) wrote: Enjoyable character interactions push 30 Minutes or Less into a group of decent comedies, but with an intriguing plot, 30 Minutes or Less had the chance to be great. Lowbrow humor pushes downwards to only good, but nonetheless, Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg provide plenty of laughs backed up by McBride and Swardson.

Vincent T (ca) wrote: Mais.....mais....c'est completement nul ? Qu'est-ce que c'est que ce film ? Ou sont les blagues ? Tout tombe a plat, c'est mou comme tout, tout ce casting pour ca ? Rendez-nous Chabat !!

Alex A (jp) wrote: Secondhand Lions boasts just enough charm to make it an enjoyable, innocent and sometimes exhilarating family film. The chemistry between the lead trio is convincing and looks natural, the story is fairly unique and enjoyable albeit a little cliche when it comes to the two uncles adventures being shown via Michael Caine's anecdotes. In the end, Secondhand Lions is a very entertaining film that delivers on laughs, entertainment, good performances, likable characters and solid pacing.

Jim S (kr) wrote: Entertaining "who-dun-it", with a great cast and lots of fun twists and turns. The major problem that I have is that each individual characters story line seems to fall out of a soap opera.

Josh W (us) wrote: this is really good movie :)

Steve S (gb) wrote: Hard R...very sexual.

Desiderata (ag) wrote: One of the best war movies ever made

Armando P (ru) wrote: This movie consists in different personalities shooting each other due to their own point of view. Filmed in not so much scenarios, but who cares? It rocks.

Robbie N (ag) wrote: Generic and predictable, but Yes Man still possesses a certain charm and comedic value. The romance is hard to buy, but overall the comedy fixes most flaws of this movie.

Christopher B (mx) wrote: amusing domestic spy caper.