The Lie

The Lie

A man's life is altered unexpectedly after telling a lie to get out of work.

A man's life is altered unexpectedly after telling a lie to get out of work. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob R (us) wrote: One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. My wife and I are older folks, and thought that an adventure by 2 senior retired guys in Iceland would be a fun movie. Turns out that one of the two is a "Dirty Old Man' big time, but not only that, he is boring and vulgar at the same time, He spends most of the movie talking about how his sexyasl fantasies , and smoking pot or boozing. oThe other old dude just does mostly nothing. The scenery, while interesting, is only about 12% of the move, and seemingly done by an amatuer photographer. A truly lousy waste of money and time.

Carl S (us) wrote: I LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE. Mainly because it has so much charm, it's kid friendly, it's funny, and Mike is my favorite character! Also, it really beats Shrek's toilet humor, along with Jimmy Neutron. Out of all three Shrek, Monsters Inc & Jimmy Neutron, Monsters inc was the best in my opinion.

Diana M (it) wrote: I fell asleep trying to watch this movie for the first time during the second time I wished I was asleep.

Cliff M (es) wrote: Amazing true story. Brought together with a great cast, led by the always reliable Hanks. Huston, we have a problem, but I can't think of any with this film.

Eric H (fr) wrote: This Movie, a triumph of the French Nouvelle Vague, marks a turning point, not only for the Director, Jean-Luc Godard, but for anyone who sees it. The plot, though intriguing, is secondary to the incredible presentation. Use of hand-held cameras and jump-cuts (where the director cuts from one angle to a shot of the same angle two seconds later, a stylistic effect that can show freneticism or boredom) were revolutionary at the time, yet can still surprise and delight today.Jean Seaberg is excellent, with the nicest accent you'll ever hear, as are the supporting cast, all rounded stereotypes. But the leading man outshines all the others. A virtuoso display from Jean-Paul Belmondo as Michel Poiccard makes the viewer swoon and scorn in equal measures. He doesn't make it easy for us to empathize with him, yet we still do, and in doing, we feel we have earned something.Revolutionary. Brilliant. Oh so pretty.

Dave R (us) wrote: a silly silly 80's movie... but not bad IF you are in the mood for that kind of thing.

Erin b (jp) wrote: was all about the lion

Jamie C (it) wrote: One of my favourite games turned into a film and I wasn't disappointed but I can understand why some fans were upset as everyone was hoping for a horror film set in a mansion like the first game, This is more action than horror, The film also gets allot of stick for not being like the games more but it's pretty loyal to the games as it features the mansion, The Umbrella Research Facility underneath the mansion, Zombies, Zombie dogs, A Licker which was the main villain, It's a shame none of the game cast were in this but Alice proves to be just as good as any of the familiar faces we are used to, It's got some good action scenes but the effects were not great especially on The Licker, Not greatly acted but who cares in films like this, It's mindless fun that will be loved by some Resident Evil fans but hated by others.

Mel F (it) wrote: A comedy that shows that the worst people can be 'successful'.

Robert M (ag) wrote: Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio give great performances as does everyone else. Great movie!

amelia b (ru) wrote: Val Kilmer is a smash - making this a hidden treasure in the rental world these days. I give it a resounding yes.