The Life Sublime

The Life Sublime

La vida sublime tells the story of a grandson who finds the passion he seeks in the character of his dead grandfather, «El Cuco», and the trip his grandfather made as a youth to southern Spain in the early 1940s. A trip that should have remained a family mystery. The South and his grandfather open up a fascinating new world, a space in which a personal memory that immortalizes «El Cuco» can be created. A tribute by a grandson to the lost generation of the Franco dictatorship era, one which was not able to fulfill its dreams. A quest for the myth, and the sublime. A new writing of family history. A film that deals with the issue of borders. Borders between North and South, imagination and reality, present and past, grandfathers and grandsons, Spain and America, madness and lucidity

La vida sublime tells the story of a grandson who finds the passion he seeks in the character of his dead grandfather, «El Cuco», and the trip his grandfather made as a youth to southern ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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