The Life: What's Your Pleasure?

The Life: What's Your Pleasure?

An anthropology student exploring the nature of prostitution is drawn deeper into that profession than she ever expected.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English,Spanish,French,Hungarian,Japanese,Romanian,Lithuanian,Czech,Bulgarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   interview,   female nudity,  

An anthropology student exploring the nature of prostitution is drawn deeper into that profession than she ever expected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Life: What's Your Pleasure? torrent reviews

Angel M (jp) wrote: Jennifer Hudson did a wonderful job

Adam K (gb) wrote: At times, this was really painful for me to watch. I feel this is a film I should have written and directed, but I would have changed so many directions that the plot took. I relate to this character's love for movies, but writer and director James Westby seemed to miss the point of what a film geek really is. To be honest, I found this film to be rather offensive and insulting to folks like myself who have a profound admiration for the art of film. This seemed to portray film geeks as creepy, unintelligent and socially inept people who will never be anything but video store clerks and societal parasites. This portrayal could not be further from the truth. Yes, us film geeks know way too much about film, but we appreciate and understand other subjects and can communicate beyond in depth conversations about directors and what year films were made. The conclusion only gives off a feeling of hopelessness for its protagonist, metaphorically stating that their entire future can only be experienced as a wet dream, and a goal they will never achieve because they are incapable of going out into the world and communicating with society. To the writer and director of this film, I say "fuck you!" I suggest you and I sit down and have a chat so I can show you in person the true spirit and intelligence of someone who loves films. We are not bumbling morons who are incapable of talking to girls and making friends. We don't spend every minute and second of our lives in the video store, crowding around customers and irritatingly suggest them films they have no comprehension of understanding. I certainly hope that films like this don't type cast the avid film fan as an unlikeable human being, but show that they are folks like everyone else whose passion of film was conceived by the discovery of being able to film footage, and edit it together so as to tell a story that can bring out and express various feelings and emotions.

Joshua L (it) wrote: interesting movie, good acting

Private U (fr) wrote: Jia's movie looks at the changes sweeping China over the last 30-odd years through the ups and downs of a state-run theatre troupe. It's not an easy film to watch despite the straightforward premise; as usual Jia drags out the pacing, and packs in sharp observation while withholding judgement -- that is his (nuanced) strength. But there is something even more meandering here than usual, especially towards the end, as though Jia were still finding his feet transitioning from single-character portraits like Xiao Wu to multi-strand narratives. And Jia stalwart, actor Wang Hong-wei, was just much more mesmerising to watch as the defiant drifter of a pickpocket Xiao Wu.

Cody C (us) wrote: It's fine, it's whatever. It's got parts.

Libby T (es) wrote: I saw this with my mom and Nano. It's one of their favorite movies.

Ted W (kr) wrote: really mediocre, except.....someone suggested this is the final in the Lloyd Dobler trilogy (Cusack's character from Say Anything). Part 2 being Grosse Point Blank where the unusual kid from high school gets recruited into being a hitman. Part three here is a character very obviously trained as a killer, but having fallen on hard times and reduced to doing pick up jobs for an equally odd kingpin. At that level the movie became somewhat interesting. Not enough to pull it into good, but enough to change a one star rating into 2.5.