The Light in the Forest

The Light in the Forest

A young white man who spent his whole life raised by a Native American tribe is sent to live with his true family and must learn to fit in with the people he was taught to hate.

A young white man who spent his whole life raised by Native Americans is sent to live with his birth family and must learn to fit in with people he was taught to hate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Estraya P (jp) wrote: it was Awesome and scary at the same time

Heather M (es) wrote: This was a very sweet love story.

M H (ru) wrote: This reminded me a lot of Super Size Me in so much as about half-way through it became tedious. We get that Maher doesn't like religion and thinks it will cause World War III. What else?

Rachel S (ru) wrote: an amazing tribute to a man who helped change the way we look at art.

Isadora R (it) wrote: Kate Hudson it was a great choice for this character and Matthew McConaughey no comment, he is a really good actor. For me this is the best movie of romantic comedy, first both are selfish just thinking in her jobs, but after they fall in love. Yes, cliche , but I really enjoyed it, especially because of the actors

Jamal S (de) wrote: Very disturbing movie of the brutalities in a war. Excellent actors.

Ming Siu G (mx) wrote: It may have been groundbreaking in its day, but viewing it now, I felt rather underwhelmed. Yes, it poses interesting philosophical questions, but pretty much just states them outright, so there's not much actual exploration of these issues.

Ted C (au) wrote: This movie is wonderful. What the fuck is wrong with you people? It's Dog Day Afternoon robbed of all political and social significance, which are replaced by generic burnout rebellion. What more could you possibly want?

David T (es) wrote: Very above average action flick with a cast you can't complain about. Definitely a clap for director Stephen Hopkins. The plot that shouldn't bore you: a group of suburban middle aged friends head out to the city for a boxing match. Only to take a wrong turn and wind up in gangland where they get caught in a cat-mouse situation with a gang leader (played incredibly by Denis Leary). Yeah I'd say not enough credit goes to this film. Some old school elements also carry the film like: "Race With The Devil", some nods to Hitchcock and Orson Welles. How action films should be.

Janette R (us) wrote: A drama about family and life, nothing too unique.

Marcus W (es) wrote: Tries to be cool and forgets to be interesting or engaging.

Renee R (de) wrote: I loked it and owuld recommend it.

Victoria S (nl) wrote: Disappointing sequel, and Erik Von Zipper is badly missed.

Bud L (kr) wrote: one of the worst movie I have ever seen, 1hr.20min. of my life I will never get back

Trina A (ru) wrote: Meh. Don't waste your time.

Vincent T (de) wrote: Pas le meilleur Scott mais une belle aventure soutenue par une remarquable musique.