The Light Thief

The Light Thief

The main hero of the film is an electrician with a far greater effect on the people around him than his job defines. He is the last link in a huge energetic system and he becomes the binding bridge between the geopolitical problems of post-soviet space and the common people. The economic devastation of the country had an enormous impact on the industrial workers and yet despite the upheaval, these people did not seize to love and suffer, to have and be friends and to enjoy their lives. In particular our resilient electrician, who possesses a wonderful and open heart. He not only brings electric light (which is often out) to the lives of the inhabitants of this small city, but he also spreads the light of love, loyalty, life and mainly laughter.

The main hero of the film is an electrician with a far greater effect on the people around him than his job defines. He is the last link in a huge energetic system and he becomes the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John H (ca) wrote: Turned down for what

Eric W (kr) wrote: Finding Lenny is a very enjoyable film with good acting and writing.

bill b (ca) wrote: good documentary but not enough to keep it in my mind...i prefer CATFISH better...

Dann M (it) wrote: Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is a pathetic attempt to revisit the series through a new perspective. Set during the show's second season and told through flashback, a pair of captured Cylons aboard Galactica recount the plan to wipe out humanity, the adjustments they made along the way, and why it failed. About half of the film is recycled footage from the show, recut with an additional scene or two to show Brother Cavil doling out orders to or engaging in covert meetings with the undercover Cylons. And the storytelling is really choppy and random; so much so that the viewer has to have already seen the series in order to understand what's going on. Still, there are some interesting revelations and backstories given to several characters (even though they don't always make sense). Explaining everything and nothing, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is a mess of a film that's only for die-hard fans of the television show.

Craig L (ca) wrote: Alright. Some wacky ass characters. But not a bad film.

Chloe C (es) wrote: convincing acting especially by Redgrave & Staunton, but on an unimpressive plot.

Mandeep S (nl) wrote: What a fine picture! Ajay, Saif and Konkana Sen Sharma give life to the characters. The use of rural UP lingo was bit hard to understand."Hassi badi mehngi ho rakhi hai duniya mein"PS: Never saw any other adaptation of Othello nor read it.

mutt m (br) wrote: Greenwald enlists a battalion of experts to expose the primetime web of lies that led to the invasion of Iraq in this stylish but shallow documentary.

Jerome B (ag) wrote: My number #1 gangsta flick!!!!

Pravesh B (es) wrote: Intelligently written Ensemble film about inter connected lives works in parts. Good acting and skillfully precise story telling. Has its moments.

Begonia L (fr) wrote: BLIMEY! What a performance!! <3

Gene R (kr) wrote: Genius horror sequel.Surpasses the first one

Zadir P (fr) wrote: Spoiler: el negro muere primero xD

Pierluigi P (gb) wrote: A man who doesn't define himself is trapped, attached by the forceful and heavy chains of what society decides is best for him. If he conceals or denies his true self, the rest of the world will be oblivious, knowing he is nothing more than just another puppet among the million they own. Incredibly brave and provoking character study.

michiel s (fr) wrote: exept for frodo's stupid face amazing

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 85%Watched this on 10/1/15Yes Man is one of the better comedy films of Jim Carrey. I always disliked it when the actor does comedy, I prefer seeing him in dramas. I have seen a lot of the more predictable Carrie comedies like Liar Liar and a lot more whose name can't even be remembered. This is one of the few films in which I really liked Zooey Deschanel and critics, which comedy film is not predictable?

Frank J (jp) wrote: It was pretty great.

william b (gb) wrote: No one is tougher than Stroud.