The Limit

The Limit

In Los Angeles, black motorcycle police officer Mark Johnson patrols gang-infested neighborhoods with his white partner and best friend, Jeff McMillan. One afternoon, Mark has a run-in with a gang known as The Virgins, whose leader, Big Donnie, is taken aback by the policeman's understanding, dignified demeanor despite the gang's constant derision. When Mark advises Donnie not to continue to allow his heavily pregnant girl friend, Judy, to ride a motorbike, the gang leader agrees. Later, after Donnie actively seeks Mark out for advice, the Virgins' second-in-command, Kenny, reacts with outrage.

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Urvi N (it) wrote: Charming, nuanced, not cheesy, enough of a bite to be real and enough sweetness to tug at the heart strings. Basic plot is the son of drug addict is taken away from his mom after she has been missing for several days, and ends up being taken care of by a gay couple. We also see a lesbian couple go through the process of family planning, a couple that's trying to adopt, and what family means to each of these characters. It is set in Mexico and thus is in Spanish, but if you see it with subtitles the performances need no translation to be brilliant. If you have a chance - go see it!

Paul C (kr) wrote: Excellent mystery about some very stupid and very damaged teenagers. Some of the situations and dialog may seem unbelievable at first, but most of it is very, very close to the actual events on which the film is based. Even if you figure out what is going on early, it is still fascinating to watch.

Gabe C (fr) wrote: I remember really liking this movie... But last time I saw it was a long time ago.

Donald C (ca) wrote: Funny, quirky, thoughtful, heartfelt movie

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Completely idiotic ripoff piece from the early 90s. Makes Puppet Master seem like high art by comparison.

Daniel S (nl) wrote: Killer Klowns from Outer Space has been on my eternal list of films to watch for years but I kept making the foolish mistake of pushing it back, expecting a typically drab B-movie that I'd watch for ten minutes and wish I never had. However, after a lazy day in my loungewear flicking through Netflix, I finally gave in...With a title as goofy as it has, you would expect a film complete with terrible acting and grade Z visual effects; the eighties equivalent of Plan 9 from Outer Space, if you will. Of course, the hammy acting and visual effects are all there but I'm ashamed to say that I actually found this film somewhat enjoyable. Naturally, you wouldn't sit for an hour and a half solely concentrating; you have to answer a couple of texts and loiter on your phone for few scenes and indeed, maybe this gave me the illusion that I was enjoying the film as I was focusing mainly on the "exciting" scenes but what a joy they were. It's living popcorn, human puppets, acidic pies, carnivorous shadow puppets galore!If you're anything like me, you get rather excited when noticing films making intertextual references to other works and much to my surprise, Killer Klowns features some interesting ones. First of all, we have a klown sneezing into some "white sugar" and making a mess (for those who love Woody Allen's Annie Hall as much as me) and secondly, we have the main protagonist having to face a giant klown in the climax of the film. Maybe I'm reading too deeply into it but that giant klown looks a lot like the King of the Klowns, if you catch my drift? "Get away from her, you bitch."It could be argued that 1988 was a significant year for the B-movie, especially with the release of this film but more importantly, the remake of The Blob. For anyone who has already seen Killer Klowns, you will be familiar with the concept of the candyfloss cocoons that gradually liquefies the carcass within it. Does this concept not seem very similar to that of The Blob? Especially when the Killer Klowns come to earth via comet... Killer Klowns saw a May release date in '88 whereas The Blob saw an August release date; was the film simply paying homage to the 1958 original or was it trying to latch onto the excitement orientated around the remake, ultimately earning the film a bigger profit margin at the box office? If anyone wants to write an academic piece on the subject, don't forget to give me a mention!

Private U (br) wrote: the greatest women in prison movie ever, staring john vernon as the warden. Oh, so good!

Geoff J (au) wrote: Morally confusing, but otherwise stands strong with the string of classic Cannon Film Bronson-kills-people-creatively flicks. Approaches even the Seagal level of brutality.