The Limited Mail

The Limited Mail

Bob Wilson, who becomes a tramp after being jilted by his fiancée, prevents the Limited Mail from being wrecked during a mountain storm and becomes fast friends with Jim Fowler, a railway mail clerk. Jim gets Bob a job on the railroad, and Bob works himself up to the position of engineer on the Limited. Both of the men fall in love with Caroline Dale, but she prefers Bob.

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Matt C (es) wrote: It's really weird re-visiting this film, I'd kind of forgotten what a big deal it was. From the plethora of merchandise to the cartoon which ran for years and years, in the 80's this was THE kids film. Except re-watching it,. it's not a kids film at all, it's basically a long SNL sketch, mainly dominated by Bill Murray. This must have all gone right over my 8 year old head. It's not quite as funny as you hope, Hudson is completely wasted (seriously what is the point in him?) but it's such good natured fun you can't help but still enjoy it. Still a catchy tune as well, I ain't afraid of no ghost!

DC W (gb) wrote: Tries so hard, but never quite gets to funny. Ben Schwartz desperately tries to save it. He's just not enough.

Luckee C (us) wrote: An top-class intelligent & clever movie, specially for students and based on friendships & family relationships. Varun Dhawan does excellent in his first role. Recommended! Verdict = Semi Hit

Henry B (br) wrote: An excellent, new and imaginative concept, provided with comedy and great storytelling (as usual from Disney!)

George P (ag) wrote: Ip Man as Ip Boy. Not quite as good as he original but some deep thoughts on Kung Fu nevertheless. The old man steals the show as he teaches Ip Man an unorthadox high kick.

Sbastien H (es) wrote: Not a very good movie, could have been made by an amateur.

Chris C (fr) wrote: worst movie ive ever seen in my life. If i could rate it properly it gets negative 5 stars out of 5 . wtf i guy gets killed by a toy truck lol

Grant T (fr) wrote: It was enjoyable enough for a one time see, but Fallon should stick to his show. Barrymore was very enjoyable! Cool to see the Red Sox story but nothing I need to see again

Pam R (gb) wrote: Cute but not as good as I expected. It's either the way the movie was shot or the story felt incomplete.

Jamie B (es) wrote: Cute movie ever in the hole wide world...