The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer

A lawyer conducts business from the back of his Lincoln town car while representing a high-profile client in Beverly Hills.

The film tells the story of Michael "Mick" Haller, a slick, charismatic Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who luckily gets the chance to defend a Beverly Hills playboy who is accused of attempted murder. However, what Mick initially thinks is an open-and-shut case with a big monetary reward develops into something more sinister... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pathmanathan D (it) wrote: This would have been a good movie, if it didn't remind of movies like Guna, 7G Rainbow Colony, etc. Worth a watch - 3/5

Adam M (us) wrote: Enjoyed the suspense, not really very scary, and I was itching to find out why, then the film ends.........disappointed, disgusted and will never ever watch any of this directors films again, I hate not knowing the ending. It's one of the more annoying films. Like Open Water, saw that and the entire film was them being eaten bit by bit, it was all water, and again I remember leaving the cinema, thinking of asking for my money back, or half of it, for the crap ending! This is one of those movies I want to request my money back, you wouldn't buy a book with the end pages missing, you would return it, so why should I pay for a movie with its end 'pages' ripped out?

Private U (es) wrote: Fantastic Anthology film! Great cast! Amazing sound design! With cinematographers like Russell Carpenter from Titanic it's no wonder this film is a work of art!

Wade P (us) wrote: Wow...a powerful, thought-provoking film. A uniquely Palestinian perspective, one that we don't see, read or hear about. The sentiment of Palestinians that Israel can't be both oppressor and victim offers new perspective, and something to consider. I know the issues in the conflict are highly complicated, and one film won't change the direction of the conflict. However, I do think it's important to see/hear both perspectives to give one a better understanding of what's at stake. I hope there's peace there one day...

PeterWolfgang F (nl) wrote: Wunderbarer Film in dem kein (verstndliches) Wort gesprochen wird. Skurril und spannend!

ali a (us) wrote: i love you please don't forget me

Eric H (kr) wrote: I love this film, though I am completely and unapologetically biased due to nostalgia goggles.

Justin T (kr) wrote: Denzel and Hackman disagree with each other, but you should agree that this is a good movie.

Tim S (mx) wrote: Long live this stop-motion animated classic!

Jose M (jp) wrote: House of Dracula comes next with John Carradine as Dracula. The film brings is a whopper of some of the most iconic horror icons. The Wolfman appears with Lon Chaney Jr. and the Frankenstein Monster as Glenn Strange also appears along with the sister of Igor Nina (Jane Adam). The plot has Count Dracula finding refuge in Dr. Franz Edelmann (Onslow Stevens) castle. There the Wolfman meets and is kept in Dr. Franz house while Franz takes a look at his lycanthropy stage. Dracula then deviates plan to destroy humanity when he discovers the Frankenstein monster, but there is a deeper and cynical plan than that. The plan is to destroy the Universal monster franchise that was created thanks to someone or a code. This would have been a better film if it was made as a farewell piece. I had fun watching this although things are too limited to be worthy. There are some performances, but this is a wasted opportunity.

Holly W (ru) wrote: Candy is one of those movies that will pull you into their little world and have you love and hate the characters multiple times before it's over. Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish portray lovers addicted to each other and to drugs. They spiral deeper and deeper into addiction and this film beautifully captures every second of it. This movie really shows some raw emotion from both actors and in my opinion is one of Heath Ledger's best films.

Tyler J (nl) wrote: Yep This Movie in my opinion Is The Worst One in the franchise People Useally Say Child's Play 3 I Thought of that To But when I saw Child's Play 3 I Actually Loved It It was really good But this movie sucked There Wasn't Much Chucky To Me Like And Also woman Being Gay or something hope I didn't talk sexiest or anything But Really I hated this movie a lot!

Mags D (ca) wrote: I'm not sure exactly what I watched, but I know that I enjoyed watching it.

Evie C (br) wrote: I have loved this movie for many years. It's a very touching movie and gives its message well. It goes to great detail to the family. It's an amazing family film that will teach you to "Keep Moving Forward"