The Lion Has Wings

The Lion Has Wings

This early, influential propaganda film blends documentary and studio footage to show the valiant efforts of the Royal Air Force to defend the British people against the Nazis.

Alexander Korda's bit for the British war effort shows the world both at peace and on the verge of Nazi domination. Spliced together to form a documentary style film of both newsreel and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahsoka T (jp) wrote: The LEGO specials are always great !

Thomas B (kr) wrote: ****In short, Limitless is a brilliant thriller, with good direction, thought provoking themes and a great leading performance from Bradley Cooper.

Matthew M (it) wrote: a rather unique concept put to an uncommon setting... .the plot as a whole is promising but the rest of the film is lack luster... delivery is medicore in a nut shell... the acting is very lack luster with motivations poorly explained.... l could see clearly what the movie was aiming for but it managed to get a safe distance away friom it as to make the movie as a whole just nothing... the sumations of its failures make it a below average film.... and that is a great tragedy

Steven D (br) wrote: they should have kept the working title. Starship Dave... (and the scene I worked on)

Ian C (de) wrote: Waaaaay ahead of it's time in today's reality TV world. Spotty in some ways, but Faaaaantastic. Sharp, dark, witty, hilarious. Classic Brooks.

Elaine C (au) wrote: If only for the fact that one of my summer camp girls is in it! :)

Jean S (ru) wrote: The movie is another tale of coming of age. These films tend to interest me because of the nostalgia they transmit, but in this case the film doesn't work for me. I know it is unfair to compare a movie with another, but this is nowhere the league of such classics as "Stand by me", "Cinema Paradiso" or many other great tales that depict that moment between childhood and adolescence.

Hugh W (es) wrote: I was not familiar with the Wing Commander series of video games, so I didn't realize this was based on a game. I like science fiction, space combat, humanity on the edge, movies, so when this one showed up on NetFlix, I decided to give it a try. The story is predictable, the dialog is cliched, there are times - like when the laser cannon sound like machine guns - you really have to try hard to willingly suspend disbelief, and I actually think David Suchet was smiling when they killed him off, but for a diversion into a world of self-sacrificing heroes in an improbable future on a hot Saturday afternoon, I was thoroughly satisfied with it.

Rick T (mx) wrote: I forgot how beautiful this film is, kinda surreal watching Robin Williams after his death.

Ruwani A (us) wrote: cliques everywhere. but I guess still a watchable movie.

William C (br) wrote: Richie Rich is a 1994 family comedy starring Macaulay Culkin and John Larroquette and is about a young rich kid who well, has a few problems. He's basically dirty rich and lives with his pretty nice parents who give him everything he wants, except he kind of wants to play with other kids from the street rather than the private school friends he has. The film is one of those one's you can imagine watching on a Sunday afternoon, and this can be enjoyed too but maybe it just isn't so clinical.The comedy side of the movie is really kind of non existent, it tries it really does but by the end your kind of feeling disappointed. The story I'll give it is not boring, it has it's moments where you actually are maybe rooting for Richie and his fellow friends and butler(Jonathan Hyde), but in truth it's hard to like Culkin. Our main star in this is just too unbelievable and wastes any talent he has by being a dull main character, top that also with a poor script and you have Macaulay Culkin acting and sounding like some kind of badly built robot actor. Donald Petrie directs and he is pretty average really, doesn't do enough to make the story or actors better but also the general direction Is just well, not done well enough really. Now I'm not the biggest fan of these kind of comedies, in fact most I watch I don't expect much in terms of laughter, and here is another example. One thing I am trying to say though is that this didn't bore me strangely, I mean it is still a pretty bad movie but at times interesting.Listen this is the kind of movie where at times it tries to flash it's crazy gadgets and cool rich persons items, but only really succeeds in making us the slightest bit interested in the ending. And on that point the end, actually not too bad but followed up just too poor a beginning and middle, Culkin also seems to get better but when he is sad, he just can't act at all!. Now don't watch this and expect to hate it, some could definitely enjoy it, some will hate, but always remember if this movie made you laugh because this movie labels itself as a comedy.And what about the other cast?, well not everyone is necessarily bad, Jonathan Hyde as the butler is pretty good and when he features the film can be a slight bit more interesting. John Larroquette as the scheming "Van Dough" is also not that bad, should have played into the jokes a bit more and maybe even have been a bit more in to what he is actually doing, kind of looks bored in this movie really.So overall a movie I found to be well, just not good really, it isn't awful just not acceptable, the kind of movie only a few will like but at least there isn't only one person who likes it. If you like your family comedies you may enjoy it, Culkin has really grown up too much for Home Alone fans to come a knocking but still if your a big fan of his then sure, give this a go.

Scott C (nl) wrote: One of my Dad's favourite films. I found it a bit of a bore. I preferred the sequel, 'Manon of the Spring'.

Karlo M (ca) wrote: REVISITEDLightning Over Water is so reflexive, egocentric, narcissistic, and self indulgent that it's BRILLIANT. As a story on its own it can be a little disengaging but if seen as a process about "film", it's mesmerizing. The inside-references, the striking way in which Nick Ray's persona is presented and re-represented on screen, the way, as Wenders puts it, it uses the rugged video quality as a metaphor for cancer to the 'glorified' aesthetic of film. Everything about it works. The sound design is fantastic (listen to how unsettling the audio for the video images are compared to the film images and how it's handled during the transitions), the rigid acting actually works in relation to the concept, especially how it ties up in the end when slices of reality becomes a big part of the story. This one demands a lot of attention. And the more you give it, the better it gets. It is important to note that the original Cannes version (the print no longer exisits) did not have the voice-over that the 87' cut has.1ST REVIEWNicholas Ray's last moments are recorded in a pseudo-documentary narrative style that only fellow director and co-star Wim Wenders can pull off. Ray who is perhaps best known for his iconic 50's films "Rebel Without A Cause" and "Johnny Guitar" is dying of cancer. Together with Wenders they decide to make a film about his demise. Some parts are fictionalized while others play out like a documentary. There are moments that work extremely well. The way it interplays with film and video format to convey the parallel story lines is outstanding. Then, there is Ray himself who is equally engaging and absolutely devastating to watch on screen. This is a must-see work for all cinephiles. However some of the weaker points seem to come out of the nature in which the project was conceived. There is something slightly off-putting in its glorified self-indulgence as it is a film about a film which references many other films. Also, Wenders comes off a little stiff in some crucial scenes. The pacing also feels extremely drawn-out at certain points. But despite of it, "Lightning Over Water" is still a film worth experiencing.

Ryan G (jp) wrote: The only movie I've ever turned off half way through.

Michael W (au) wrote: I saw it. Don't remember anything about it.

Aj V (es) wrote: Although the romantic side of this movie is predictable, the comedy is good, and the story is interesting. It's not the best movie, but still pretty entertaining.

Matthew D (de) wrote: Happy Feet Two is recommended for children 4 and older. This is a great sequel. The first one was to sad and hard for kids to understand, But this one is better. 4 1/2 stars.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Based on a series of fantasy novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is a bloody anime adventure. Set in the distant future, the story focuses on D (voice by Andrew Philpot), the son of a vampire and a mortal.