The Lion in Your Living Room

The Lion in Your Living Room

The film is filled with fun facts that show how cats make good pets, yet in other ways are wild and untamable.

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Mic R (mx) wrote: This is basically timeless and applicable to many industries. But you have to buy into Jobs or you'll loathe this from start to finish. All in all, probably the most fitting tribute.

Kath I (nl) wrote: A fan of Rotten Tomatoes for years, I only joined today to try to counterbalance this film's high rating on this site. Beeswax is probably the worst film I have seen this decade, and I see at least two a week. When the lights went up, the ten of us who had not walked out all shared the same incredulity. Was there a plot? Was there any reason to care about these self-absorbed "characters?" And, was there any way we could get our ticket prices refunded?

Lorn S (kr) wrote: Okay film like a cross between the matrix and gamer . Set in a prison a ghost gets in the game and kills everyone okay but not great nothing special

Vessela D (de) wrote: Nothing special...:(

Corey C (us) wrote: Very, very funny, and as everyone points out, very prescient.

Sue B (us) wrote: Each scene was very like a Dutch painting. Gorgeous photography.

Gail L (us) wrote: Another Movie that makes me want to dance

Luigi M (es) wrote: Cheesy repetitive soundtrack....Yep thats the sound of my Childhood... This movie is a PG RATED horror movie.... I liked it... Has a 7:00 - 10:00 am christmans mornign feel to it...

John M (ca) wrote: Low budget, low quality

Farhan M (it) wrote: There is a deceptively simple story that thinly wraps this film on a superficial level, but inside there is a beating heart full to the brim with passion. The poetry with which this movie explores the human condition is awe-inspiring. Through and through, this is truly one of the best examples of film-making I have ever been witness to.

Jrme R (nl) wrote: du grand art avec le grand Louis et la genialissime Alice !

Kyle M (es) wrote: More clever and funnier than the predecessor with the same stylish intelligence and greatness. (A)(Full review coming soon)

Alisha T (au) wrote: I admittedly hate how frequently the Catholic Faith is targeted in films today, but I so appreciate the manner in which this story was told. Philomena was a beautiful story that truly shed light on the picture of true Faith. That is: being a kind, generous, caring, and most importantly, *forgiving* person, despite any and all of the horrible situations you might be forced to endure.

Evan B (au) wrote: I thought Popstar was more entertaining than funny. There are still quite a few laughs, which makes this a solid contender for comedy of the year.