The Lionshare

The Lionshare

Nick (Mike Pantozzi) gets his girls the same way he gets his music: online. On a first date, Eva (Jessi Kneeland) invites him to an exclusive filesharing community called ‘The Lionshare’. From there, Nick’s own creative frustration fuels his consumption of pirated music and other media while he produces nothing of his own. Eventually, he finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places.

An invitation to the world of online piracy leads to success for some and disappointment for others. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle L (it) wrote: Sublime is a solid thriller from Warner Brother's Raw Feed films and it is by far my personal favorite Raw Feed movie. This movie is about a successful IT consultant name George Grieves who goes to Mt. Abaddon Hospital for a routine colonoscopy. But soon he wakes up in a different room, his condition starts to change from good to bad and people are treating him strangely, he also starts seeing a black male nurse who keeps changing his I.V. who also might have killed a patient next to him the other night and he also gets suspicious when he starts to learn some of the hospital's darkest secrets and soon George must escape from the hospital's dark and sadistic secrets that he's witnessing. I have to be honest I didn't like this film first when I watched it back in my elementary years because I find it complicated, confusing and flat but when I started watching it I finally understand the whole film and when I watched it again I like it already. What's very good about Sublime is that the film is well developed and moves in the right pace. Horror fans won't enjoy this movie because there are so many scenes that they aren't looking for and this is not really a Horror film at all since the movie is very slow in the pacing and there are no scares except for a few gory parts but movie goers will love this film if Horror fans won't enjoy this film. What's also good about this film is that the movie has a strong character development and the build up is intriguing at the same time plus there are a couple of scenes that are creepy and sometimes disturbing(The creepy east ward scenes, The sequence where George witness Mandingo kill another patient next to him and the outstanding climax)oh and the cinematography is ace and the editing along with the soundtrack by Kathleen York(who also portrays George's wife in the film ) is superb for the film oh and the movie has loads of amazing plot twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end. Ok now to the flaws of the film. The main issue with Sublime is that the movie suffers from a lot of plot holes and at certain points the movie is confusing as well plus there's a couple of poor CGI effects that were useless and bad(The CGI birds and the CGI tattoo in Mandingo's chest) so Horror fans will seriously not enjoy this film also the movie is layered and a bit dragging in parts and you don't know if this is a Horror film or a psychological thriller so its not easy to underestimate this film at all. Nevertheless the movie is entertaining thanks to the performances of the casts. Tom Cavanagh did a very good job with his performance in the film as the main character George Grieves, the same can be said to singer and actress Kathleen York, its also nice to see Kyle Gallner in one of his earlier roles before he appeared in The Haunting In Connecticut and A Nightmare On Elm Street remake. I also love Lawrence Hilton Jacob's performance in the film and his screen time was only 2 or 3 minutes in the first and second half but his performance in the climax was entertaining so all of the casts did a very good job with their performances in the film. First time director Tony Krantz did a very good job with his work on this film and he managed to turn Erik Jendresen's screenplay into an solid thriller that works well and I love how he seriously handled the pacing of this film I hope to see more of his work in the future so far. Overall Sublime is a solid film that is flawed but very entertaining at the same time. Just keep in mind that this is not really a Horror film more of a revival Season 3 Twilight Zone episode with a long run time and a bigger budget. I could imagine that this would be the pilot episode of the Twilight Zone season 3 and it would also be directed by Bryan Singer and written also by M. Night Shyamalan. This movie gets a 7.5/10.

Ted W (ru) wrote: Music, teenagers, terrible.

Brandon S (it) wrote: The title says it all. It's an average Ernest film, but still an Ernest film which is pretty fun.

Jeremiah L (ag) wrote: Interesting to see how their lives evolve but not something I could just sit down and watch. Usually watch while working on something else.

Dane T (ru) wrote: Just not funny. Or interesting.

Dora R (ca) wrote: Gina is extremely sexy in this movie, and very funny. Great Italian style movie.

Greg W (us) wrote: just ok but seems a waste of some real talent here

Karen L (mx) wrote: I want it back the way it was!

Francisco L (de) wrote: Original for this genre with a good cast, but with a boring story that make us turn off the TV

David L (au) wrote: Enter the Dragon has good action sequences with the last fight being excellent, that entire ending sequence is superb, the plot is solid and the film is very well made and quite entertaining, but it is still a bit overrated as the characters are rather forgettable, the film is too simplistic and some of its parts are very problematic. It's a good film, but far from a great one.

Greater S (jp) wrote: Highly entertaining film. Perhaps a little darker and less humor, but still a great Trek story and film.

Iain B (fr) wrote: Absolutely anything... except good reviews, don't know why, I quite enjoyed it