The Listening Project

The Listening Project

Dominic Howes and Joel Weber's intellectual trek through 14 countries attempts to uncover answers to the question, "What does the world think of the United States of America?" Individuals from all walks of life and myriad cultures freely express their stark opinions -- both complimentary and condemning -- of a nation that may not be loved by all, but leaves few lives untouched.

The Listening Project follows four Americans as they travel the world in order to listen to people in foreign countries and hear what they think of the United States. They visit the countries of Canada, China, India, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Tanzania, France, Brazil, South Africa, Afghanistan, Russia, and Palestine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ayon C (mx) wrote: Bolder,Sexier and Scarier than first part...Emraan is as usual good :D ..but the real show stealer is the psyCho villain -- Prashant Narayanan \m/

Andrew R (ru) wrote: A good movie, but very unrealistic.

Noname (br) wrote: The cool animals from NY are back and actually almost even better than the first movie. All the characters are funny especially the penguins and king Julien. Story was good and it was a nice sequel and i hope they will make more movies because Madagascar are truly a hit.

Rebecca M (jp) wrote: One of the most important documentaries of our time. Hope and despair are very much alive in the children living out this conflict every day. Make sure you watch the updates and extras on the DVD.

Darrin C (it) wrote: Very funny. Any pothead would agree.

cli o (it) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Gordon B (fr) wrote: Pacino was brillent in his portrayal of a divorced father trying to make ends meet as a playwrite and full time dad...I think the critics missed this one by a mile.

Gabriel Arthur P (au) wrote: This is fast, fun, funny and campy. For good-enough films I normally rate down from a perfect for various flaws but there's no reason to rate this film down. It does what it comes to do, which is obviously to "rock". If I tried to rate it from the bottom up for its virtues like a not-good-enough film, it wouldn't get that great of a score but that's because I'm not a metal head and this isn't something I'd normally watch. I got lucky, I guess, and got it as a gift from a neighbor who was moving back to Detroit. The costumers, makeup artists, and sound technicians definitely had a field day with this one. The movie has a fun premise: a rock and roll tribute band (basically a cover band that goes all the way, with dress-up and voice stylings) has its troubles until the lead singer gets the real gig as the lead singer of the band he loves so much. Jennifer Aniston and Mark Wahlberg don't over-draw or over-exert themselves, and put in a pretty genuine performance. The self-deprecating humour millennials expect is delivered subtly by everyone involved and doesn't screw up the beat. And we find out that the original lead singer is being pushed out of the band because he's lazy -- but there's a direct insinuation that it's because he's gay. Well, the casting of Mark Wahlberg for the part of the rags-to-riches dream boy was well placed, because Wahlberg is a proven natural vocal talent. Well, the movie moves on to dealing with issues of flagrant sexuality which is an everlasting hallmark of rock music, and wanton lust is a hit or miss subject for any writer. Lucky for the viewer, there are few proposed complications and the sheer megalomania is allowed to continue unabated. The movie doesn't do anything to give itself hiccoughs and that's the important part. It does lag a little, though. Around the time any kind of dramatic dilemma is introduced, I felt like the film should have about an hour left to it but there was only half an hour left to go. And it's really endearing how the climax touches the heart with the simple conundrum of honesty. Well, it's obvious that everyone involved with every aspect of the production did everything they could to send across a completely hollow feeling whenever it was needed, which is really, really important to rock music. And in the end, the film lends a note to what really makes rock music important to its fans to begin with. I think there's an ending to this film that was set up in an earlier scene and for some reason it got wrote out, but, I'm actually glad I watched it and since I feel like it should have gone on longer, I give it 5/5. The only bad thing I can say about it is that if it were a film about a Yes tribute band, I would have watched it the day it showed.

Lovro H (ag) wrote: _REWATCH REVIEW_Aaaand we're back on the good path! This movie is much better than the trainwreck Saw V was. The story moves forward, finally, it's better acted, the ending mindf***ing twist is back! The traps are great in this one, I mean, really great. I think this part had some of the most hardest traps, not physically, but mentally. The impact the traps had on our new main character were truly devastating. This series is well known for the twists it has on the end, and this is no excuse. The twist this one had was pretty damn great. It's similiar to the Saw III twist, also being family/marriage related. The characters are interesting and while I was dissapointed by the kid's actions at the end, it had a satisfying, and gory, outcome. All in all, a step up in quality and intrigue than the last two parts, and one of the better parts of the series. Would recommend!