The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Quiet, withdrawn 13-year-old Rynn Jacobs lives peacefully in her home in a New England beach town. Whenever the prying landlady inquires after Rynn's father, she politely claims that he's in the city on business. But when the landlady's creepy and increasingly persistent son, Frank, won't leave Rynn alone, she teams up with kindly neighbor boy Mario to maintain the dark family secret that she's been keeping to herself.

Quiet, withdrawn 13-year-old Rynn Jacobs (Jodie Foster) lives peacefully in her home in a New England beach town. But unknown to the neighbors, she is leading a secret and dangerous life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Champ S (jp) wrote: Great story and interesting enough to watch on the plane

P M (fr) wrote: This is not a movie to see if you are not familiar with the series. This is not a film for someone who is looking for the kind of humour you find in a Frasier episode. This is not a film for the sophisticated, but then again.... Here is the skinny... the pros are it manages to co-relate the most crude with relevant themes. But unlike The Simpsons or Family Guy these characters aren't really relate-able, just stereotypes taken to the extreme. I believe even that has its place. It isn't as well written as South Park, but there is enough to make this a dirty, secret junk food movie for the silliest and crudest tastes. Which can be done excellently.. let's say this movie is just good. 7 out of 10.

Jl P (au) wrote: This movie is like Saturday Night Live of today; mediocre skits, performances done by countless iconic celebrities put to waste, humor that falls flat so much with 0 punchlines set up for one joke. Easily the worst movie I have ever seen in my life, hands down, no comparison. It is worse than The Room, Birdemic, Food Fight, Batman & Robin, and countless other bad flicks. Send this movie to the volcanic pit of Mount Doom before another innocent soul has to see it.

Alan R (ag) wrote: Fun fantasy mash-up, typical east/west crossbreed with a great tone and pop-up story feel. watched it 3 times in one day

bill s (it) wrote: The set up is a lot better then the actual movie.

Semour B (ru) wrote: Best Adam Sandler movie ever!

Danny E (ag) wrote: Made for TV, and at times you really see and feel that. However, this story of a family struggling to survive nuclear fall out is unrelentingly grim in the grand tradition of end-of-the-world movies, and though dated benefits from great performances from the kids and the mum (though I just want to say that the dad was an utter douche, but happily he's wiped out by the bomb early on). Jane Alexander deservedly got an Oscar nod for her performance: as a mother struggling to hold things together: her freak out when she's burying her youngest son and she can't find his favorite teddy bear is completely believable and heartbreaking. Can't say I ever want to watch it again though. If you love watching movies in which people's hair falls out, all the cute kids die, and mum has to make burial shrouds for them out of their bedsheets, then this one's for you.

Kyle S (nl) wrote: If you're looking for a crime thriller this is the movie. Seven exceeded all of my high expectations for the film. It delivered an incredibly captivating story with stellar performances by Pitt and Freeman. The movie has everything you want from mystery to action to plot twists. Seven is in my top list. 4.5 Stars

S C (ru) wrote: This is a serious and mature piece of work. After watching this its difficult to take most of Hollywood's output in any way but as puerile and infantile. I would say that none of the movie output of the last 10 years even comes close to this level of maturity. * it covers the period 1844-1855 after the British abolished their slave trade but slaves were still kept in the Portugese colonies * Marlon Brando plays the wily British agent, Walker, sent to exploit anti-Portugese feelings in the Antilles islands (and rightly so in that the Portugese were brutal in their treatment of slaves) * He helps a black slave Joses Delores to rise from a porter to leading the rebellion, thus removing Portugese control. And against his nature he grows to admire and even like the slave rebel. * 10 years later Walker returns as the British start their "shock and awe" against Deolores The film is shot in a ultra-realist style - I was astonished how the whole look and feel was true for the 19th century, and I dont mean a nice, clean, costume drama. The meaning of being a SLAVE comes across brutally. Naked babies playing in dusty fields, mothers pounding maize, men chained and whipped. The garden of beautiful slave whores kept for the pleasure of the white businessmen who joke about how much more efficient the whores are compared to their wives. For Ponteverco The meaning of "forked tongue" and how directors of businesses (and their shareholders) who spoke of civilisation whilst at the same time promoting abuse, brutality and inhumane acts against black workers stands as a critical definition of western civilisation. * The 2 leading characters Walker and Dolores play their parts well - I think Brando is good as an english toff but he plays it like Olivier may have done, by not using his usual method style which is a shame. The lasting memory is of Delores spitting in Walkers face, and us knowing that Walker knows why his friend has spit on him, knowing that in order to bring civilisation Walker has to betray his friend, knowing that in his place Walker would have done exactly the same thing; that is say no to civilisation, say no to the stock markets, say no to capitalist abuse of workers, say no to it all. Surely a great critical achievement, this movie is enlightening, and shows that film can rise above just mere entertainment. Burn!

RonaldThomas F (fr) wrote: Unfortunately, today not many are familiar with the legendary, Oscar winning director Billy Wilder. This movie happens to be one of my favorite comedies of all times which stars Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. This flawless script is filled with great lines and is undoubtedly a screwball comedy masterpiece. The plot is simple: Two band players witness the St. Valentine's Massacre and go on the run. They end up in drag and join an all-woman's band in Florida and... well, things do not do as it should. Lemon and Curtis walked around Goldwyn Studios and into the woman's restroom to fix their makeup to see if they could "pass". They did more than pass and along with Monroe create an enduring treasure that definitely holds up over time. The last line is "Nobody's perfect", but this comes as close as you can to perfection.

Ilsa L (de) wrote: Apart from the all too convenient ending, this is a good solid noir with an interesting storyline.