The Little Gypsy Witch

The Little Gypsy Witch

Family music comedy with fantasy elements that portrays the life of an unusual Roma family seen through the eyes of a ten year-old Manusha.

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Moustapha I (it) wrote: Smart, funny and Charming I don't want more than those three to say that this is a Great woody allen movie

Scott A (ca) wrote: Just awful awful awful. Not one good thing in this movie.

Phi L (us) wrote: this basic instinct...stinks

Sebastian H (fr) wrote: Overly (but also seemingly) complex and drawn out, offering as a conclusion something that doesnt justify the previous 90minutes of charades... nice try but really failed to live up to its own ambitions

Ross B (nl) wrote: My favourite film of all time.

BEHZAD B (de) wrote: David Merrill: [to the Blacklist Committee] Fuck them!

Clara V (ru) wrote: It was okay it reminded me of Buffy the Vampire slayer and Teen Wolf. A cute 80's movie.

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Rob S (br) wrote: I don't know whether it was the movie or just me lacking energy, but I was honestly dozing off during some parts of this film, so I do not retain all the information within the film. What I do remember is that this film didn't really know whether it was trying to be more of a narrative film or more of a documentary, making it somewhat of a mess.What I do retain is the story following Sergio and his lust for women. His story starts an unhappy one, having lost family in the Bay of Pigs incident. Ever since, he is trying to find meaning in his life, or excitement - this excitement he strives for leads him down a path of pedophilia (though I'm not sure how well this is portrayed with an actress who looks 25 and is supposed to play 17). He meets this girl, Elena, on the street one day and seduces her after being persistent. Most of the story then revolves around a scene where it is unclear whether Sergio rapes her or not. The girl takes his advances as a joke while Sergio is very serious, and afterwards we hear Sergio telling her to "stop crying."Ultimately Sergio is off the hook (even though she was a 17-year-old girl) since it cannot be proved that she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or that she did not consent. This is a little unsettling, and overall this movie does not teach us much about Cuba with the documentary aspect of the film. We are left with a very ambiguous reflection on human nature.

Tamara H (kr) wrote: Hmmm, murder in the 18th century . . . this one might be interesting!!

Tim S (kr) wrote: This is a watchable film, but some of the choices in showing 'archive footage' throughout the film really fell flat for me. It didn't make any sense that either we saw that until the footage was actually seen by the characters near the end of the film. It felt emotionally manipulative and I reacted negatively towards it. Otherwise this isn't a bad film, but could have been better.