The Little House

The Little House

Following the death of the unmarried and childless Taki, Takeshi, a young relative of hers, discovers several pages of closely written lines in which the old lady has recorded her memories. This is how he learns the truth about her youth working as a housemaid and nanny for the Hirai family in a little house in Tokyo with a red gabled roof.

Prior to World War II, a maid arrives from the countryside to work for an upper middle class family. She fits in well, but everyone's emotions are stirred up with the arrival of a student. Meanwhile, the war situation deteriorates as well as the relationships in the little house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy H (au) wrote: Wow!! What a heart wrenching movie/documentary. Sickening that some worthless crook got $7 million tax free by lying and protected by this county's garbage Native American laws.

William R (jp) wrote: Not as good as the first but fun nonetheless

Rafael S (jp) wrote: ah, o amor proibido...

Leonard D (ru) wrote: Kevin James is about as hilarious as Dane Cook, and I'm being nice about that!

Baeleigh H (es) wrote: Charlie Countryman is the type of movie that makes you want to be in love. I can still hear M83's "Intro" echoing around the gash ghetto cityscape of Bucharest. Two people from completely different origins: American and Romanian are brought together by death. We all have a feeling in our heart sometimes that will lead us down a path we shouldn't necessarily go down, and we agree with that in our minds. Humans in this society find it difficult to follow their hearts and instead choose what is logical. Charlie does not see this. He sees a girl with an open wound and is empathetic. Tragedy strikes this Gabi in the worst place possible but we soon find that Gabi's pain and Charlie's pain bring love. The type of love that seems too perfect to leave to chance. It requires work and dedication. Charlie Countryman makes you want to be in love.

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Kris H (nl) wrote: It's terrible, but try to find the scene where Seth Green comes to pick up Alyson Hannigan for a date. Their love is so pre-ordained!

Rob v (de) wrote: Don't watch if your an impatient person. Very slow. But also very good.

neil L (es) wrote: Long and confusing gangster classic similar to the godfather

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