The Little Polar Bear 2: The Mysterious Island

The Little Polar Bear 2: The Mysterious Island

An epic story of survival and the power of true friendship, set against an Arctic backdrop. In this new adventure the little polar bear, Lars tries to help the singing penguin Caruso. But the evil polar bear Kalle wants to get rid Caruso. During their rescue of Lars, his friend Robby and Caruso end up in a train heading south. The turbulent journey eventually leads the trio to a tropical island. There, the friends meet a variety of strange and funny animals. While a scientist is trying to catch a new specimen, one of Lars' friends, the little polar bear needs to come up with something to prevent it.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Acholi,Hebrew,Kabuverdianu,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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An epic story of survival and the power of true friendship, set against an Arctic backdrop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (br) wrote: Pointless sequel to a pointless remake. Nothing new to see here and so predictable with characters you couldnt give a hoot about

Cline D (es) wrote: Yalla !! Sympa, ti ressors de l avec l'accent, la vrit, ti es prt partir en Tinisie... Les moments forts ? La couille qui couine et l'amulette marocaine...

Michael B (ag) wrote: Quite possibly the best Christmas movie of all time even better than Christmas in wonderland. Max and Eddy!!!! If you like ski school 2 you will love this movie.

Ken S (it) wrote: Razor is a decent TV movie, but unfortunately if you were watching Galactica this doesn't add anything new to what was already inferred. In fact every scene of this movie is just fleshing out of something that was implied in previous episodes. I think I liked them better implied. The movie is decent, but just nothing special, especially when compared to the alwmost universally consistent quality of the whole Battlestar series.

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F B (br) wrote: A good film and story but I feel Adam Sandler was the wrong man for the part and wasn't a realistic believable reflection of ptsd and the impact it has on life.

Gabriela K (au) wrote: I wanna see how stupid it is.

Russell H (au) wrote: Will Smith was great. I would have given it 4.5 if they made the fights a little more exciting with some music or something. It was very long and it needed something like that to make the action parts a little more of a payoff.

Kyle M (it) wrote: You know how you expect a certain amount of cheese and stupidity out of a B movie, with this one, someone ordered double cheese!

Ed F (fr) wrote: Really awful and a complete waste of time. Avoid at all costs!

Caleb M (au) wrote: Razorback is so gloriously over-the-top intense that you will either lose yourself in it or be thrown out of the narrative by it's obvious and intentional style. The plot here is basic: a giant 900 lb "razorback" or giant boar is roaming the Australian Outback, killing all unfortunate enough to cross it's path. The plot could be lifted straight from JAWS, substituting the ocean for the Outback, and the shark for a boar, but the screenplay (while never approaching anything beyond the basic) feels fresher than just another tired retread. The style here is what matters: DP Dean Semler (MAD MAX, DANCES WITH WOLVES) gets some really stunning images, everything from frightening, tense, bleak and desolate. The effects for the razorback are outstanding as well, probably some of the best practical creature effects you'll see for a modestly budgeted picture. The screenplay again favors style over substance: we get a lot of people grimacing, trying to convince others about the deadly animal on the loose, redneck Aussies tormenting folks, and some of the always reliable Outback hostility towards outsiders. It's a ton of fun, and damn thrilling too. Horror & thriller aficionados and fans of practical SFX should seek this one out.

Suellen P (it) wrote: if you haven't watched Garbo before do not start by this one. But if you are interested in Joan Crawford just go for it! She is amazing in it.

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: With an derivative plot feeling like a mad libs game as well as unnecessary found footage camerawork that feels tacked on. Devil's due is terribly dull horror thriller that is borderline pointless in existence.

Matthew H (au) wrote: My favorite fantasy movie of all time.

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