The Living Coffin

The Living Coffin

A cowboy and his sidekick meet a ranching family that is haunted by spirits and vampires.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   haunting,   ghost,  

A cowboy and his sidekick meet a ranching family that is haunted by spirits and vampires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ivan R (gb) wrote: Brilliant social commentary!

Owen B (nl) wrote: I like films that continue the story from their predecessor, and this one does it very well by picking up nearly a decade after The Dark Knight. By doing that, we're able to see the impact of the last film's events, giving us an understanding of how Dent's legacy impacts the citizens of Gotham, and has helped put many more criminals behind bars. Near the end, there's a huge twist that involves Bruce's love interest, Miranda Tate. I was still as shocked as I was back in 2012. The action sequences are also fantastic, and the ending of the film was amazing as well, with Bruce presumed dead, but actually still alive. The sense of dread and mortality in all of the characters adds to the experience, and it's an amazing one.

Tim B (de) wrote: A while back, I had the pleasure of sitting down for the first time and watching Stevan Mena's Malevolence. It had a slow build, great suspense and more than satisfied the horror fan in me. I was also fond of how Mena came to pull his little film off. Gives me big inspiration to be able to do that someday (soon soon). Seven years later (or three if you count when it was shot) we get the prequel Bereavement. This one was much bigger than its predecessor for me in terms of its budget and balls. This one took me aback, echoing the horror movies of the 70's when they were not afraid to push the limits of what mainstream audiences considered 'tasteful'. Violence is one thing but when you start involving kids in that, you're pushing the boundaries and Bereavement wasn't afraid in the least of doing so. Two stories are at play here; both involving dysfunctional families. We get the main plot involving the town loony kidnapping and teaching his 'newfound son' how to kill (so sweet) and we get the hot and likeable lead gal trying to adjust her life in a new town with her aunt and uncle. They blend the two together come the third act and all hell breaks loose. From this horror fan's point of view, that's a great thing. Acting-wise, this was a huge improvement from Malevolence. Michael Biehn took what could have been a one-dimensional role and made it badass from presence alone. THE GUY IS JUST BOSS. Alexandra Daddario gave a focused and believable performance. I also have to comment that she looked fantastic in those tops wowzers! Brett Rickaby was scary-good as the psycho while Spencer List was intense as the child. Kid didn't even have any lines at that! Well done. Nolan Gerard Funk was okay at best. Didn't really buy him John Savage shined in the few scenes he got to be in. Mena picked his landscapes wisely (loved the wide shots of nature; sunset, clouds, fields) and the lighting techniques were dreadfully gorgeous to gawk at. I got nothing but dread and suspense just from the look of the picture alone. If Hollywood doesn't recognize this guy's talent soon, it will be a huge loss on their part. On top of all this goodness there were scenarios that actually had me sitting up, a score that fit the movie perfectly (also by Mena) plot twists that actually surprised me and an ending that got me down but stuck with me and you get a pretty powerful horror flick. On the slim downer, I could've went without the useless subplot involving the boyfriend. It didn't really bring anything to the story and had me roll my eyes a few times at the less-than-stellar acting of Funk's. There were also a few plot holes here and there that were obviously not focused on enough (too many girls missing for the town to notice? creepy building adventure probably not the best idea? why can you not hear the screaming again?) but overall this one left me fulfilled for my horror fix. It wasn't the happiest thing I saw this week but I enjoyed it for what it was and that's saying something. I highly recommend you check Malevolence out before this one or don't check it out at all and call me a douche. I'm keeping my eye on Mena here's hoping he gets the fame because with this entry to my beloved genre he clearly deserves it bring on the third/final chapter in this trilogy! I'm ready for it!

Andrew L (us) wrote: Opening 30/40 minutes are messy, directionless and sprawling. It gets better with some good performances carrying the tension and drama, yet it lacks Ridley Scott's visual flair opting for a 'documentary' fly-on-wall approach which is rather hit & miss at times. When compared with Scott's past work this doesn't stand-out as a classic. However it is bearable once it finds it's feet & it's direction

Ben R (gb) wrote: If ever there was a movie that I would erase from my memory, it would be this one. The further into the movie I got, the more unclean I felt. It has an evil vibe and is not in the least bit enjoyable. It's one of the worst movies ever made. It?s about a housewife who wants her husband to find her attractive again, so she starts eating human foetus? to rejuvenate her youth. She gets these foetus' from a 'backyard abortionist' woman who used to be a doctor. This woman has been eating foetus' for decades, and she looks about 30 years old. The doctor is a beauty expert, yet she has the worst style and hair I've ever seen on an Asian woman. Some of the twisted scenes this film contains include: a man eating a chicken foetus from an egg, the doctor cutting up raw foetus', the woman eating the foetus' (with horrific sound effects), and the most messed up abortion scene I've ever seen. How sick are the fantasies of the people who made this film? Not only is the story cringe-worthy, but the visuals of human foetus' being cut into pieces and eaten nearly made me throw up. It's stupid, it's disgusting, and it's unnecessary. The thought of this happening should have been enough, but they crossed the line. Avoid this movie as if it were a disease ridden rat that was set on fire and has a vendetta against you.

Andrea M (nl) wrote: Nice, nothing special.

SirKnight W (ru) wrote: This is a Work of genious taking the points of view of the people from all spectrums of being and and crosses them one night at this gloomy look into the past like hotel good intellecual movie

Lyle G (ca) wrote: The thing I love most about this movie are the aliens, everything else is pretty weak though.

Alan P (nl) wrote: James Belushi, apart from an obligation regarding his dead brother, anyone care to shed some light on his appeal.

bill s (nl) wrote: Still some thirty years later I do not know what DePalma was thinking.

Keiko N (ca) wrote: Slow, but worth the watch, as Maggie Smith and Peter Ustinov are hilarious together.

Dan G (it) wrote: Montgomery is super miscast as Marlowe, but the movie (shot entirely from Marlowe's POV), while gimmicky, is pretty darn inventive for the 1940's.

Xander V (it) wrote: Almost cried at the end. I demote this to 4 stars because there are some gross out scenes not to my liking.

Otto P (mx) wrote: lovely film lovely soundtrack

Andrey B (it) wrote: Well acted, emotionally, both Gere and Lane. Is it worth it, giving everything to the family...?

Alanna M (gb) wrote: This movie is my favorite action movie ever.