The Living Dead Girl

The Living Dead Girl

A toxic spill revives a beautiful, dead heiress who, with the help of her childhood friend, must quench her insatiable thirst for blood

A toxic spill revives a beautiful, dead heiress who, with the help of her childhood friend, must quench her insatiable thirst for blood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy M (nl) wrote: Actually very good. Much stronger than the previous two films Gondry made before it. What starts off as a curious piece (why would Gondry make a film about his aunt and cousin?) becomes something much more interesting, as the relationship between the two subjects becomes more and more clear. While being set against the aunt's enduring popularity left over from her years as a (progressive) school teacher. Despite some rather melancholy elements, the feature overall is quite effervescent, which is an interesting approach.

Tracey c (au) wrote: I have never been so entertained and laughed so much in my life. The director, writer and actors have created a true comedic masterpiece that will be watched for generations to come. The script was amazing. I mean, who would have thought that a chiropractor "lost his touch" and it caused his wife to die only for him to end up as a park ranger. Some of the greatest quotes in movie history are in this very film. "Your words turn my tears into wine." "I want you to meet someone, my inner b*h". (Throws bin and fails) "When i was looking into the kids eyes, I thought I was looking at you, and I wanna be looking at you. I wanna be looking at you." (Tries to shoot himself and fails). "I'm the park ranger who's going to f*k you up". "Look its a guy on a motorbike." "Thats not a motorbike, thats a chopper". Dr Chopper is a scary character indeed. Whenever he magically appeared on that chopper, with his freaky white face paint, something bad was about to happen. Dr Chopper's female nurses would attack the characters with daggers, taking scary air swings. The script writer really knows how society works as well. One of the girl's boyfriends gets killed by Dr Chopper, but 10 Min's later shes already moved on to the philosophical and great cast character Jimmy. Jimmy will go places in Hollywood. My favorite moment was his interaction with the movie's token black character, arguing who is the best philosopher of all time. Sure, he was a great character, but it was Costas who truly stole the show with his passionate portrayal of a park ranger who's lost his touch in life. Overall, the best comedy I have seen in a long time. I know it may be considered a horror movie, but surely even the director was taking the p*ss? If not, I'm going to head out tomorrow and make my own horror movie, it would probably be more believable than Dr Chopper. I guarantee enjoyment out of this movie.

Chris C (br) wrote: A great documentary in the truest sense of the word; it documents the day as it happened and avoids spending time on reflection or analysis. The Naudet brother's footage is incredible.

Shannon F (ca) wrote: I didn't want to like this movie but something about Jason Priestly playing a character with no emotion was really believable, and then throw on top of that the akward brutality, it worked out to be a great movie.

Howard N (gb) wrote: romantic and beautiful.

William T (us) wrote: Such a disappointing sequel... this movie is so bad, and not even in the good way that the first one was.The acting is terrible, they know its a joke and dont care.I know the first one had parts that where random and made no sense.. but what the hell are zombies doing in a sword and sorcery movie? They do nothing and the entire sequence was pointless.Also why is there a wrestling ring the the middle of a forest..Looks like Cohen had nothing to do with this movie but is back for the next two, theres no way they could be worse than this one.

Nate J (au) wrote: cockfighting scenes are the best bits in this movie, even with warren oates AND harry dean stanton involved. oates was rendered useless what without having a speaking role. good for a sunday afternoon.

Roger J (mx) wrote: Some great songs, but too long... switched it off after an hour and a half...

Roman F (au) wrote: Greatest action/martial arts film.

Thais K (jp) wrote: Shit movie... I only could watch for no longer than 10 minutes...

John H (us) wrote: Dated but the dog fighting scenes are still spectacular. The rest is a bromance and a nod to the girl next door under the fog of war.

Dave R (de) wrote: "I fear this has come as a shock to you.""No, shitting a sail boat, that's a shock. This is a fucken catastrophe!"