The Living Forest

The Living Forest

Each day when the humans leave Cecebre Forest, its transforms into a magical place where plants and creatures come alive in wonderful ways. Trouble strikes on the day that men in hard hats plant a long, hard, cold telephone pole in the middle of the forest. The forest is in disarray and Furi, a friendly mole, finds that his friend Linda is missing along with an entire mole colony! The forest creatures join Furi on his quest to find the moles, proving that friendship can overcome any obstacle.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Spanish,Gallegan
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Except when there's people around, the mysterious woods of Cecebre resound with the conversation of the various animals and even the oaks, chestnuts, birches and weeping willows. But men ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jo C (jp) wrote: Not as good as advertised

Garrett G (jp) wrote: the show was fantastic!

David Ray G (fr) wrote: I absolutely loved this. It lasts a little over 70 minutes and it's mind-blowing. I do see a Coen brothers connection - it has the same feel, the same choking atmosphere. We see movies about crime-solving so often, and yet so few are as delicate and as beautifully-told as this movie is.Next to J.K. Simmons, Peter Stormare is another extremely underrated actor. I think he's given incredible performances in his career, but this truly is the best. Give the man a damn Oscar! However, what I MOST loved about this movie is its soundtrack. I can't begin to express how this film's music made me feel. So haunting and intense. Very interesting screenplay and photography too.One element I thought ruined the movie was the intertitles. They didn't fit, they were...odd, didn't help the movie and oriented it towards the wrong direction. Overall, I have to admit, I fell in love with this movie. A Gothic film noir of sorts that is unique and quirky.

Kelso C (us) wrote: This movie is a delightful holiday movie. Possibly by far, one of the greatest, and it should go down as a classic. Although the movie seems overpacked, you can't help but fall in love with the Whitfield's and feel apart of their family as their secrets of infidelity, sibling rivalry, and family issues unravel. It's enjoyable and fun nonetheless. Each character adds their own spice to each scene of the movie and it just gets better. Also the chemistry amongst the cast was phenomenal (possibly due to the fact that many worked together on other projects).

Camille L (fr) wrote: Intersections est un bon petit thriller de serie qui mele une phase de survivor et un phase de course poursuite, en reussissant les deux sans faire de vagues et en gardant un suspense efficace. Le film est un peu long et un peu confus, mais il est assez divertissant pour fermer les yeux sur ses baisses de rythme. Roschdy Zem et Frank Grillo sont excellents.

jose p (de) wrote: estoy interesado en esta pelicula como hago para comprarla.

Richard B (ru) wrote: Such an interesting mix of production values talent and ideas. For a start, Lee's directorship flows from amateur into art house with college level editing and sound production values turning to TV production values. But what's really curious is the stage values appropriate to theatre shows which come across really strongly. The next interesting thing is how he mixes different talents and messages from different artists. It's almost as if he's subtley or clunkily shifting between perspectives from within the Black Media Disapora to make something really bold, and thought provoking, something low-brow (essentially for BET audiences I'm guessing) that can be both inspiring and empowering to black people. I like the mixture of satire and seriousness; how delacroix drops hid act when he's shot in blacface in a chaotic, but real scene at the end. See, somehow thi sis film that balances reality TV, NY community theatre and documentary (the Rev Al Sharpton's cameo, the police killing)) with some quite tight choreography as in the dance studio and in the TV studio alike.It mixes cinema verity; where we're not sure if the audience who's beeen invited to the pilot filming has been told anything about the show, and then had their reactions shot, for real, with scripted set-ups, like the white executive running around in blackface threatening to 'shoot the nigger who won't dance' Finally, though the editing and sound is somehow clumsy and often amateur, there are arty moments of disguised brilliance in there, you just have to appreciate where it is that Spike Lee is coming from. There's a kind of community dramatic plaing out here, and I suspect again, that his audience for this is mostly housing projects in the Bronx and Brooklyn, which is why reading a review by Roger Ebert would be totally missing the point. Final word? It works. And here's why. Spike Lee statement on Black Face is, 'the last word' on Black Face, and puts it squarely in the hands of black people. It is a clarion call to freedom if you like, prooclaiming: this is our art form, we're REappropriating it from white-owned american culture and branding it as our own. Permanently. 'Black Face', one of the last racial taboos in American culture, and one who's legacy should always been periodically re--evalutaed, needed to be addressed and reappropriated at the turn of the new millennium by an iconic black director, and Spike Lee, was that director. Bravo Spike;)

Ruth T (fr) wrote: I lost patience with the object of his affection but maybe that was the point!

Ralph R (br) wrote: It has a young Love Hewitt and a puppet and Loni Anderson. Once you get past all that, it is kind of like going to bed with Loni Anderson only to wake up with Louis Anderson.

Samuel M (nl) wrote: Acorralado no es solo una de las mejores pelculas de accin de la historia, adems de todo un thriller survival, sino tambin un drama sobre lo duro de la guerra y lo que est puede hacer a un hombre y a una sociedad. Aun tengo escalofros cada vez que escucho ese ltimo discurso de Rambo...increible.

Jason A (it) wrote: Helmed by 'The Enforcer' director James Fargo, 'Forced Vengeance' is a typical early 80s revenge flick starring Chuck Norris as Josh Randall, a guy employed as a casino security guard, and who thinks he has a penchant for narrating his own life and the shenanigans he gets mixed up in. Josh is a good guy, an ex special ops/vietnam vet dude (what else?) who now lives in Hong Kong and works for a father and son who own a casino. Poor Josh does a good job, but people seem to enjoy messing with and stepping on his precious cowboy hat, and this doesn't make him very happy. There are much roundhouse kicks to the face when this happens. When his employers are killed by rival casino owners (!), Josh goes on a systematic rampage through the streets of HK, and kicks the shit out of the baddies wearing the tightest Chuck Norris action jeans you can buy. Wow, remind me that I DO NOT want to go to work in the casino security business in Hong Kong, what with the rival owners killing each other all the time. Like I said, this was a typical film for the time (think 'Pray for Death,' 'the Octagon,' 'Enter the Ninja'), and the action is quite brutal with much red paint. Norris totally blows as an actor, but all we really wanna see him do at the end of the day is roundhouse kick people in the face while wearing tight jeans and cowboy boots, and we're not let down here. Lots of deaths, blood, brutal rape, and slow, sloppy fights- it seems like almost everyone but Chuck dies in this-, but I still found this enjoyable enough to stay awake. Not much to chuckle at really, except for Chuck dressing up in his soldier outfit at the end. Him narrating his own life was a nice touch too. I just wish there was something more redeeming to recommend this for, like Chuck saving a puppy in the rain in slow motion; but alas, no. Maybe the bad fight scene at the end where the baddie is fighting Chuck with the toilet he ripped out of the floor? Hmmm... Okay, there was lots to chuckle at here. You couldn't make this movie today, really. To quote Dean Devlin, the 80s was like "the wild west for action movies," you could get away with anything; and you're not gonna see stuff like this in a Statham or Bourne movie. Overall, 'Forced Vengeance' wasn't as boring as some of his other late 70s/early 80s crap, but if you like this type of movie, I'd recommend 'Lone Wolf McQuade' or 'A Force of One' instead, which are the high marks for his early stuff. This was about a year or two before the Cannon (read: golden) years, so viewer beware if you're looking for an 'Invasion USA' or 'Code of Silence' caliber bad action movie.

Jillian S (kr) wrote: So intense and realistic it almost killed me.

Vaughan M (mx) wrote: Terrible movie, but one of the funniest I have seen. The perfect film to watch when you're stoned.

Nigel K (ag) wrote: Always vastly underrated and so much to like about this wonderful film. Bill Murray excels with classic comedy timing and pathos, The chemistry with Andie MacDowell is the key, it isn't what a wonderful life but it's a not a bad runner up!

David W (fr) wrote: Love the movie as a kid. Not good or bad, but still fun for families