The Living World

The Living World

A funny, charming faux-fairy tale about ogres, knights and maidens.

An ogre keeps in his castle two kids, who he intends to eat. A knight and his companion will try to save them. They will be assisted by the ogre's wife, who thus will also get rid of her husband. A medieval story in contemporary settings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ali T (au) wrote: i love it.. new way to scare

David S (mx) wrote: Zombies in the far east ! and with ken foree !

Jeremy D (es) wrote: Judi does it again but sadly the film doesn't. It may be a fun film to watch but by no means does that make it worthy of appreciation. Take out Dench and all you basically have is a sad excuse of a film.

(us) wrote: I have always been a big Kurt Russell fan. He plays anti-heroes, bumbling superheroes, and the everyman character to perfection. Yet, until Dark Blue, I never saw him as a serious dramatic actor who could contend for say, an Oscar. Now granted, Kurt didn't get nominated for his turn as a corrupt L.A.P.D. cop in the movie I'm writing this review on. But he should have. His performance has many more layers than what we're used to seeing from a once famed, child actor. What can I say, as Sergeant Eldon Perry, he is flat out volcanic. Watching him on screen, you feel as if he's acting for his life. I was blown away. Not only is this his best performance ever, but the film outside of Russell, is fantastic as well. Its director Ron Shelton (White Man Can't Jump, Tin Cup), is not known for shooting cop flicks. He's more your lessons-learned-through-sports movie guy. He does however, in this exercise, know the darkest parts of L.A., and he knows how to get his actors to say what they mean and mean what they say. Let's be honest, going into the theater back in 2003, I didn't think a guy who played Elvis and a director who made Bull Durham could deliver a gritty, absorbing, and overwhelmingly solid cop thriller. I have to admit I was mistaken and pleasantly surprised at the same time.Now Dark Blue does come off as a little confusing in the first 10-15 minutes. It then however, settles down to tell its story in a brilliant sort of way that an audience member can not think too hard and be massively entertained at the same time. Based on a short story by crime novelist James Ellroy concerning the famous Rodney King trial and serving as a backdrop to the L.A. riots of 1992, "Blue" makes its case as a character study for Russell, his superior officer (commander Jack Van Meter played Brendan Gleeson who specializes in cold, heartless types), and his nervous young partner (detective Bobby Keough played by Underworld's Scott Speedman). Russell's character and Speedman's character take orders from Van Meter who on the side, has two street thugs regularly steal safes and murder for him (the murders aren't the main intention, it's about the money). In return, he lets them stay out of jail therefore putting the burden of having said detectives (Keough and Perry) find, shoot, and arrest similar suspects who had nothing to do with the crimes. As the film carries on, Perry (Russell) along with Keough (Speedman) have epiphanies and start to question their overall motives. Meanwhile, assistant chief Arthur Holland (played by a powerfully gentle Ving Rhames) is trying to crack the whole internal investigation wide open and expose any corrupt doings within the department. This is a smooth, intricately woven plot machine. As I viewed it for a second time, I was heavily reminded of 2001's Training Day. Both films are similar in their examination of the misguided, fallen nature of L.A.'s finest. In terms of the lead, Russell plays a sort of less nastier version of Denzel Washington's Alonzo Harris. Even the endings of these films seem sort of familiar. Both actors in each movie spout off soliloquies and speeches when their vehicles reach their conclusions. The difference with Dark Blue is that it's a lot less bloody and it deals more with moral issues minus the over-the-top gratuitous violence (just call it Training Day lite). Yes, Training Day is also very good. But "Blue" goes deeper and exhausts you as the viewer, in different, more thought-provoking ways. One of my favorite things I like to do as a critic, is find motion pictures that are vastly underrated and painfully overlooked by other critics and the movie going public. Dark Blue may be one of the most underrated films I have ever seen. It came out at the wrong time of the year (March of 2003 in the U.S.), wasn't marketed terribly well, and as a result, tanked at the box office. The fact that it hasn't grown a mild cult following also has me scratching my head. Bottom line: If you haven't seen this masterpiece, please do so. It makes you question how police work gets done, it forecasts a harrowing sense of dread from the opening scene re-shown and hour and a half later, it has sequences in which Ron Shelton puts you right in the middle of L.A.'s terrifying South Central mind field, and it has Russell plowing his way through "Blue" like a bull in a china shop. All in all, Dark Blue is a gem, a revelation and one "dark" film indeed.

Adam R (ca) wrote: Bad even for television movie standards. (First and only viewing - 11/19/2015)

Ivan L (fr) wrote: Rodonacelnik filmova o britanskim huliganima na fudbalskim utakmicama, u vreme dok im je jos bio dozvoljen ulaz na stadione. Prica o cetvorici policajaca koji bivaju infiltrirani u navijacki pokret jednog od engleskih drugoligasa ne bi li raskrinkalinjihove kolovodje prati, doduse na pomalo naivan nacin promenu ugla posmatrnaja ljudi koji postaju deo te grupe, fizicki i mentalno. Filmu ipak fali odredjena doza brutalnosti i cvrstine koje su naslednici poput ''Football factory-ja'' doneli

Robert A (us) wrote: I am fully convinced each sequel tried to deliver a crazier ending then the last one. XD After seeing the second one..I knew what I was in for. About the same thing happened in this one..the last 10 minutes As in wow..why do I still have this on bad. Some stunt men spent some time covered in fire..poor guys XD..err..or guy. The ending of the second one made me go oh brother. XD Then I had to watch this one..i was speechless. Never watching the 2nd or 3rd ones again lol. Maybe the first! lol xD

Knox M (us) wrote: SPOILERSSomething Wicked This Way Comes, a terrifying story of envy, celebrates the invisible dark side of want. Unfortunately the story was not able to fully flesh out director Jack Clayton's darker intentions for the story, as it was taken and "doctored" by Disney. Unfortunately that meant Clayton collaborator's Georges Delerue's superior score and the most adult aspects of the story were butchered. But what is left is a superb, atmospheric period film. The director, Jack Clayton, is by far one of the best filmmakers of the 20th century. Having years earlier helmed the scariest film ever made, The Innocents, Clayton was thoroughly prepared for this.For one, the story shines where it exhibits the performance of Jason Robards. He plays a tired middle-aged man with the heart and soul of a child. The movie's brilliant trailer suggests the story follows him, but in the end the children are the true vehicles; which also brings me to another facet of the film: the children are great. One thing common in Clayton's films is great performances, which he believed, and I agree, to be the most important part of making a movie. No, I do not think it is the greatest film made by Clayton, but the 10/10 rating assignment is simply because what wasn't cut exposes a masterpiece of cinema.We have two characters: Will and Jim. Will has a father, Jim doesn't. However, Will's father, Charles Halloway, feels that he might as well be invisible. His older age restricts him from doing what other dads do, and in effect he feels he has a failed as a father. Charles is obviously a great father, he's really cool and very smart, but in deep pain over an event in which he didn't save his son from drowning (someone else did), simply because he was physically incapable. Jim, on the otherhand, is jealous that his best friend has a father, even if he isn't physically ideal. His mother tries to recreate her husband by having flings with handsome men. When Mr. Dark arrives, he promises that she shall have her spouse return. But like, every desire, it is always just a short sensation with dire consequences. At the end of the film, Will's dad faces Mr. Dark, who as it happens, embodies his desires. He gives up being young again for his son. It'a a brilliant ending, most likely pure Clayton. Clayton was sidelined in production, so what can be seen of his original vision is in slices spread throughout the film, and the trailer was most likely approved and reviewed by Clayton. If you've seen any of Clayton's other films, it's much easier to identify what's Clayton and what's Disney meddling in places they shouldn't be. The film was, according to Wikipedia, "a dark thriller, which saw him to return to themes he had explored in earlier films - the supernatural, and the exposure of children to evil." Simply, it basically says that you were never innocent. In fact, innocence has never existed.

Richard S (ca) wrote: Classically 1968 comedy - Ustinov and Dame Smith are so charming. Karl Malden and Bob Newhart are great and Caesar Romero makes a great two scene cameo. Really silly and fun.

Hrant B (au) wrote: A heartfelt mind mannered superman is dying due to long exposures to sun's radiation. The animation was action packed but everything was thrown from the kitchen to a heavy scripted movie. It was sad to see the super hero being lost and all hope to mankind is up in the air. There does seem to be a sequel in the works. Overall it was a good movie.

Tan B (kr) wrote: To some the plot would seem to be ask over the place and very unrealistic, but to those who live music, truly been in love, or have been robbed of something You truly love and wanted them those are the people that get this movie. I loved two people in my life So hard that I let them slip right through my fingers (my daughter and her father) and this movie is how I wish we could've been reunited.

Hunter H (de) wrote: Can I get a pillow so boring I literally kept dozing off Dakota u r talented and beautiful but do not do another film like this again

Christopher T (au) wrote: joan collins and ants,funny

bill s (mx) wrote: Chemistry and some funny moments are pluses but as a whole it's a tired and predictable offering.

Guillaume L (au) wrote: Cela commence comme un "Tom Cruise movie" avec un Richard Gere tout en sourires et en exuberance. Si bien que le "shut up" que lui adresse Lena Olin au bout de 30 minutes est bien merite. Seulement si Mr Jones est si flamboyant c'est qu'il souffre de troubles bipolaires de la personnalite, autrement dit il est maniacodepressif. Et a partir de cet instant le film devient plus nuance puisque les moments de tristesse insondable font surface petit a petit. Il vire aussi peu a peu dans la romance, ce qui est un peu dommageable car cela ressemble a une concession commerciale pour un film qui traite par ailleurs plutot intelligemment de la depression et de l'enfermement, sans vraiment appuyer son message.

Pablo G (kr) wrote: 4/5The film offers great and perfectly written and acted moments that almost justify the movies intention to drag on with its realistic but often tiring aproach to its story and to its interesting and varied characters.

Paul D (kr) wrote: As much as I love Alicia Vikander I just found this movie to be a long winded mess. It is a shame because she gives a great performance in it. It just moves along at such a slow pace at times that it is difficult to care. Most people seemed to like it, but I just can't recommend it. Pacifists have their moments to be heard, but unless the other side of the conflict shares the same sentiment, there really isn't much of a point.