The Locals

The Locals

Two best friends, Grant and Paul, hit the country road for a night of fun, but unfortunately take a short cut to their fate... where they meet the Locals.

Two best friends, Grant and Paul, hit the country road for a night of fun, but unfortunately take a short cut to their fate... where they meet the Locals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaipo S (de) wrote: Good 90's style action/crime movie

familiar s (gb) wrote: Vedant narrates the story in flashback about how his love life (first crush) with Jenny was hindered due to his hearing-impaired elder brother Vidur, who gets a major share of parents' attention, and Ratan, the essentialist villain rival. Set in the 80s, this coming of age experience flick by a teenager would have worked better had it been penned better. Some of the sequences which are made to look oh-so-significant finally led nowhere. The bonding between the siblings appeared weak to me. And owing to tnat, sudden changes in the feelings, at times, appeared pretentious. Besides, Vedant acts as an ace in the hole & overtly disappointed for quite a lot of scenes unnecessarily. I get it for some of the scenes, but am lost for rest of 'em.Performances were first-rate except for Tanvi Azmi who overacted at times. The movie could have been a far better family entertainer, but I'd to make do with what was handed over to me. And so I generously did.

Raj S (br) wrote: bhoooooooooooooooot!!!!

Rebecca B (ca) wrote: Initially frustrating in structure and direction. However it becomes clear this is what it is to know or understand Haskell Wexler. By the end of the doco I felt touched and I felt the realness of Mark's sheer frustration at Haskell and his controlling nature and Mark's constant desire to find a warmer side to his father. Definitely worth viewing if you have patience to see it through. honest and real, even to the point that he has to film half the doco with Haskell with a camera in front of his face!

Arun B (kr) wrote: A sensitive take on Adultery and Chauvinism in the India of Late 90's

bill s (gb) wrote: Just a very good shoot em' up popcorn flick.

Yorky G (es) wrote: these is a young Jim going a type of twilight mix with fatal atraction.

Citien P (ag) wrote: Such a fine film. One of Huston's late masterpieces. Deep, blunt and gripping.

Anthony C (kr) wrote: A movie that is much deeper than I expected it to be. It's far more than dancing, and Travolta delivers a great performance. It's a bit long and drags at points but overall very enjoyable

Andrea M (mx) wrote: Too long and raving.

Erin D (jp) wrote: this might be the worst movie in existence, and yet i get so nostalgic about it!

Khristopher R (de) wrote: So crappy. Couldn't even finish watching it.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Really liked this movie! It was funny, touching and brutal, but the gradual relationship between the two main characters was very well developed, and I especially liked the end. Cohen Holloway and Inge Rademeyer were really good in their roles, although her English accent didn't sound very English. The scenery was spectacular, of course--New Zealand is known for that. In my opinion, this is a much better western than Unforgiven, which I thought was rather pointless.

Roland K (ag) wrote: La narration via un spectacle de cirque est d (C)concertante et originale. Mise en scne flamboyante mais difficile de saisir l'engouement total de la critique pour ce film de Max Oph 1/4ls.

Josh M (it) wrote: Action packed to the fullest; almost too action packed for some. Bad Boys II is an overkill sequel that works beautifully! The first car chase scene is one of the most spectacular action sequences I have probably ever seen. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith take banter to a new level and I would love to see them together again.

Philip L (au) wrote: A battle for really needs more than bad acting and an army of mutants armed with a jeep and an old school bus. This just seems a desperate attempt to squeeze out a sequel too far. The world has supposed to have had an apocalypse since 'Conquest' but the trees remain. Humans talk and it all seems so small scale compared to the others. The happy ending (yeah I know the statue bleeds blood to imply otherwise) just doesn't fit and there is no neat full circle.

Kenny N (au) wrote: Open up this body bag and you'll find some truly eerie, sometimes funny, but always frightening scares. This made for TV movie that was supposed to be the jumping off platform for a horror anthology series that never happened has a lot to see-mainly a parade of horror's all time greatest directors making cameo appearances, as well as great actors and pop stars rounding out the cast. Some people dismiss this immediately as a "Tales from the Crypt" ripoff. To which I say, so? I don't care where I get my scares from. Besides, all of these great directors (John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, with cameos by Sam Raimi and Wes Craven) contributed to this. Now let's open up the bags! Bag #1: The Gas Station. A lonely woman working the graveyard shift (pun intended) at an all night pump and go in the middle of nowhere wonders which one of her many quirky (and at times unsettling) customers is the recently escaped mental patient whose been hacking his way around the desolate landscape-and if she's next. Bag #2: Hair! No relation to the musical. One of my all time favorite actors, Stacy Keach, plays a man obsessed with his disappearing hair who finds an all-too perfect solution. (heh heh heh). The first two bags were directed by Carpenter (who also plays our ghastly host). Now bag #3 is Tobe Hooper stepping up to bat and knocking one out of the park with "Eye," about a baseball player who loses an eye and, in an effort to save his career, undergoes an experimental eye transplant. He regains his sight, but begins to see things no person should be forced to see. Thanks to Scream Factory for digging this up (wink wink) so now this lost horror classic can be rediscovered and enjoyed by aficionados of scare and scare alike.

Ethan P (gb) wrote: Mystic River is anchored in excellent writing, powerful performances and smart direction but there isn't much escape from its oppressively somber mood. Sean Penn is especially firey and fantastic in this film.

Claudette A (gb) wrote: Not one of Ridley Scott's best.

F B (nl) wrote: Very funny at times and a refreshing good politically incorrect movie.