The Lodger

The Lodger

A London landlady suspects her mysterious new lodger may be The Avenger who is killing blonde women.

A serial killer known as "The Avenger" is on the loose in London, murdering blonde women. A mysterious man arrives at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Bunting looking for a room to rent. The Bunting's daughter is a blonde model and is seeing one of the detectives assigned to the case. The detective becomes jealous of the lodger and begins to suspect he may be the avenger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Crystal L (de) wrote: Especially like "Fado Flamenco"!

Arseniy V (de) wrote: The scenes that draw the picture to a close, struck me as ever so slightly under-inspired. And yet this still may just be the best superhero movie I've ever seen. If you're looking for a film that smacks of realism more so than virtually all others in this genre, forget "Kick Ass" - this is your ticket.

Wes L (de) wrote: [size=2]If you decide to take a little trip down to the movie rental store you can avoid renting [i]A LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN[/i]. The following is all the heavenly glimpse you should need.[i]A LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN [/i]was directed by Baltasar Kormakur and is headlined by Forest Whitaker. Julia Stiles, Peter Coyote, and Jeremy Renner also add their acting talents to the story of an insurance investigator trying to figure out whether or not a dead body in a burned out car belongs to the con-man it was meant to look like for the million dollar payout.[/size][size=2]Forest Whitaker is usually a decent actor, but for some reason they decided his character should have a strong Irish accent? I could not understand a single word the man mumbled and cannot fathom why they would make the character this way and hinder the viewing audience. The film is set in America and everyone else speaks understandably, but I had to turn on the subtitles feature to understand Mr. Whitaker. The subtitles unfortunately are not the kind to scroll pleasantly across the bottom of the screen though, and flash across the faces of the actors a lot of the time.A lot of the film takes place at night in the beginning and the scenes were an eyesore if you could see past the subtitles. However as the film progressed the environments became visually stunning. The turbulent skies, above the fields right before a snow were especially breathtaking. When it does eventually snow in the film it is a heavy dose of the white stuff that covers the ground and the beauty of that is ruined in the ?day after? scene where the snow has magically been melted away by rain in one night. Seriously, a lot of snow and poof: it vanished.The vanishing snow is not the only unrealistic stretch taken in the film. The ?villain? of the plot seems to do outrageous and impossible stunts to try and claim insurance money. As if driving his car with him still in it straight into a cement wall isn?t enough (he magically survives because he has a seat belt and his passenger does not), he also lets a semi smash his car off of a cliff and into the ocean, with his sister and himself diving out of the vehicle in mid air and surviving. Upon survival they swim up on to the beach and purposefully break his leg with a pipe to claim some cash. Isn?t that just a bit too elaborate and just utterly stupid to even buy as Hollywood entertainment? This wasn?t meant to be [i]THE TRANSPORTER[/i], this was a moody little thriller.The ending to the movie is equally poor and leaves you angry only for having wasted your time with such a low quality film experience.[i]A LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN [/i]is not a recommended trip at all.[/size]

Santeri M (kr) wrote: Aika hyv elokuva. Juoni oli taitavasti rakennettu, eik pstnyt otteestaan kertaakaan elokuvan aikana.

Mike D (us) wrote: AKA American Pool. You gotta give the writer/director/producer/editor credit for making his own low budget film the way he wanted it, it's just that it's not very good. He intensionally pays homage to Kevin Smith films shamelessly which just comes off as tacky rather than funny.

Isaac C (it) wrote: Another good movie, just for a filler in between the awesome ones, keeps you in love with the movie industries, lol.

Vtor S (de) wrote: Trata-se da histria absurda de um gari que vaga pelas ruas de Lisboa em busca de sexo casual com homens estranhos. Isso seria at um roteiro quase normal, no fosse a peculiaridade de o tal gari ter complexo de cachorro e sair latindo, rosnando e urinando em hidrantes. Meu faro (duh!) para a modernidade indica que a idia do filme era abordar um desejo animal inerente ao ser-humano, que age instintivamente em busca de prazer sexual. Parece profundo, n? No entanto, no bem assim que a coisa funciona no filme. Na verdade, essa pelcula (duh! - de novo) um dos grandes desafios do mundo ps-moderno. Depois de 90 minutos, que parecem durar um semestre, resta o grande questionamento do filme: what the fuck? No h histria e no h dilogos. O que h um longo filme porn fetichista (beirando o cmico em algumas passagens) softcore com pretenses artsticas aparentemente elevadas. Ficaria bem melhor no gnero porn explcito. Ou num clipe do Mika, sei l. S no leva cotao mnima porque o protagonista errrr... talentoso! - como se pode depreender pela capa do filme.

Josh F (gb) wrote: Gritty, but a little mundane. Pryor kept it interesting.

Candida N (br) wrote: Wonderfully terrible. The first time I remember hearing the word "dezombified" in a movie. There's a brilliant chant at the end that sounded like, "Hot or Cold--Ovaltine. We want more! We want more! We want more! Hot or Cold--Ovaltine."

Larry C (kr) wrote: good, sort of disturbing