The Lone Rider

The Lone Rider

Lanning heads a vigilante group till Farrell digs up some dirt which turns the vigilantes on him. To save his own reputation, Lanning must bring Farrell to trial. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this one a little more than the first but the formula remains the same. Forgettable clean family entertainment. A good message, good underwater camera work and a predictable plot. Enough of that pelican!

Lou D (fr) wrote: true based drama of a french artist seraphine louis in the early 20th century, this woman was a housekeeper and doer of odd labor jobs and chores which she used to maintain her impoverished apartment, although late 3 months rent, while using spare time and money to devote to the two deepest yearnings in her life... nature and art. as the tale tells, she was extraordinarily beyond her times in talent yet troubled by psychosis which escalated with the early taste of recognition, money and fame, later resulting to her passing in an asylum. this french movie flows slowly yet draws you in by its mystic intrigue. beautiful camera work, storyline and artistic scenes. i'd watch it again just to feel like i've awaken in someone else's bizarre dream.

Adam F (ca) wrote: This is a claustrophobic suspenseful ghost horror film that, although has it's flaws, provides some creepy moments.

Paolo C (kr) wrote: Bella l'idea, ottima la regia. Noioso come solo un film artistico E giapponese pu essere.

chris c (ca) wrote: To me this movie was a fun kick back good movie

eliabeth b (mx) wrote: esta es una pelicula Q mire con mi maestra La Srta reyes estaba en la high school

Stuart K (ca) wrote: Written and directed by James Mangold (Girl, Interrupted (1999), Walk The Line (2005) and The Wolverine (2013)), this cop drama has a top notch cast to it's name, and Mangold set out to do a modern day western set in New Jersey. It has Sylvester Stallone playing against type as well, and showing he can be a terrific actor with the right material, and working with the right people. In the small town of Garrison, New Jersey. Local Sheriff Freddie Heflin (Stallone) finds himself embroiled in a case of police corruption when New York cop Murray Babitch (Michael Rapaport), nephew of Lt. Ray Donlan (Harvey Keitel) is caught up in an altercation with an African American gang on the George Washington Bridge, but when the gang end up dead, Babitch seemingly commits suicide by jumping of the bridge in despair. However, it's all a cover-up, Babitch did it on the orders of Donlan to cover up a potential racist incident. But, Babitch is being hidden in Garrison, and it's not long before Heflin gets involved in it all. Made on a very meagre budget, and with the cast all working on a scale salary, it has some brilliant performances and it manages to do quite a lot with so little. This should have put Stallone on the path to a new phase in his career, but after this, he couldn't get a break until he did Rocky Balboa (2006). Shame really.

Mike L (it) wrote: Its about a boat that sinks and not everyone dies, no its not Titanic or even the Edmund Fitzgerald those were ships, this is a boat with about 10 people on it. Jeff Bridges is very good but this true story about a group of rich parents sending their kids on this trip to get their act together run flat and dry even during the squall.

Julie R (ca) wrote: ""Listen pal, you can't waltz in here... use my toaster... and start spouting universal truths without qualification!"

Nick P (ca) wrote: An incredibly fun movie, very funny, and a great Job by Mr. Dreyfuss. A terrific feel good movie