The Lone Rider in Texas Justice

The Lone Rider in Texas Justice

The 9th film of PRC's "Lone Rider" series finds rancher Jack Stewart, after innocently serving a jail term for rustling, on his way back to his ranch and daughter Kate. He is stopped by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Lone Rider in Texas Justice torrent reviews

Luigi C (au) wrote: Peccato non sia cos semplice... ne abbiamo la prova

Peter W (kr) wrote: Alright Korean historical fiction swordfighting flick. It has a cool blind master character.

Mitesh K (it) wrote: Surprisingly funny! 4.5/5

Dawn H (es) wrote: Now I want to go back and read some of his works again. I will probably recoil in the first few pages of most of them, just like 25 years ago. However, I still think about I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream, and many of the stories in the Dangerous Visions anthology.

Danny C (mx) wrote: it's the worst kind of poo.

Mesh B (es) wrote: It's so cheesy you thought you would puke rainbow after the movie ends. But, is it bad? Far from it. If you are like me who adores campy slasher movie, Urban Legends: Final Cut will gives you the right entertainment. Plus, there is Jennifer Morrison and Eva Mendes in this one, hooray!

Max E (mx) wrote: As much as I enjoy court dramas, Tommy Lee Jones doesn't sell his character at all, and Jackson struggles with the material given to him. Flawed, disappointing, missable.

Eber N (ca) wrote: The first film of the Dark Knight I saw on cinema, is unfairly bashed in his day bright and magnificent sequel, this is a show of pure fantastic cinema at 100%, I love it especially because I'm a big fan of Batman and Tim Burton I love them.

Adam B (ca) wrote: A colony on the moon has some kind of alien problem in this horrid excuse for a comedy.

Alec B (br) wrote: Its basically just a reworking of "8 1/2", but that's not a bad thing. Fosse's self hatred demonstrated here is uniquely interesting because as much as he berates himself for all his personal problems, he's also able to acknowledge that he was rather talented (there are some great dance sequences in this film.).

Tasos L (au) wrote: It was the naive beginning of all that sci-fi stuff...

Moriah F (jp) wrote: Makes me wanna get a job as a bartender and dance on the bar everytime xP

Al S (ca) wrote: A brilliant and engagging character driven piece. A riveting and remarkable thriller. It grabs you like you wouldnt beleive with its compelling story and surprisingly effective lead character. Luke Goss gives a electrifying performance, he`s the dark knight of the film but also has a heart and makes you go willingly on his dark, intense and emotional journey. Goss is incrediable to watch, it`s a tremendous movie star performance. An extroadinary triumph from Director, Perry Bhandal. A well-crafted, stylish and sharply entertaining movie. One of this year`s most enduring surprises. A sizzling mixture of suspense, drama and action into one hard-edged thrill-ride. An unfrogettable hit to the gut thats bold, thrilling, tragic and magnificent. This movie is just amazing. Just like from the hot slug of a gun, this film is red-hot. I loved it, even to it`s shocking ending.