The Long Gray Line

The Long Gray Line

The life story of a salt-of-the-earth Irish immigrant, who becomes an Army Noncommissioned Officer and spends his 50 year career at the United States Military Academy at West Point. This includes his job-related experiences as well as his family life and the relationships he develops with young cadets with whom he befriends. Based on the life of a real person.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   cannon,  

The life story of a salt-of-the-earth Irish immigrant, who becomes an Army Noncommissioned Officer and spends his 50 year career at the United States Military Academy at West Point. This ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kieran D (jp) wrote: All in all for sure one of the better movies I have seen this year. Decent plot. Interesting combination of horror and romance probably good for couples who cant agree between a guys want for blood and a girls for a sweet romantic tale. Definitely worth the two hours spent watching it.

Richard D (ru) wrote: Starts like a prison film, but goes completely different places. Taut and well-executed thriller.

Harry W (es) wrote: Scoring Ben Kingsley an Academy Award nomination, Sexy Beast sounded like a good chance to see the man back in action once again.With Sexy Beast, the premise is essentially about a man who has retired from the crime world and is being reluctantly dragged back in. The general concept is one which has been so overdone in countless films that for Sexy Beast to work it would have to find a clever way to manipulate it. Cleverly enough, it is able to pull it off. Sexy Beast may not be a perfect film because it has some dull moments, but director Jonathan Glazer manages to keep things alive. Since the plot of Sexy Beast is one which has been done so many times, Jonathan Glazer finds the most simply yet effective way to put it into effect: characters. Instead of being so heavily focused on concept, Sexy Beast examines what it is like for Gary "Gal" Dove to be dragged back into the world of crime when he simply wants nothing more than a life of peace as well as the complicated relationship he shares with Don Logan. It is about them as well as the general creative style of the film which has more than enough success to mostly transcend the story limitations. I mean it doesn't do it perfectly because the story is still rather predictable and familiar, but Jonathan Glazer's stylish directorial work combined with the effective dialogue of Louis Mellis and David Scinto's screenplay really make it work. The dialogue is the key asset of the script in Sexy Beast. It hammers out a lot of good characters for the actors to work with, and at the same time it manages to do so without putting them in overly complicated situations. It simply builds upon the organic development of the story and puts the actors into situations where they thrive on the dialogue. The interactions between the characters prove interesting because the realism of the situations transcend the conventional Hollywood path of getting ridiculous, and most of the time there is a lot of good imagery to go with it. There were times where I felt like the story could have pushed on and gone a lot further than it did, but even when the story was not perfect, the dialogue really held the film together. In contrast to the many way more shallow films that follow an identical premise, Sexy Beast actually puts the focus into what the experience is like for the characters to be as they go from a relaxed lifestyle to an intense and crime ridden one which is established through both the director's sense of style and the rich characters that stem from the screenplay.Jonathan Glazer's stylish directorial work in Sexy Beast really helps it move along. Since much of the narrative adheres to convention, Jonathan Glazer's keen eye for strong imagery serves as a strong distraction from that all. The effective scenery and cleverly manipulated lighting set the film up well while the cinematography tends to really zero in on things from an intense angle. That becomes combined with some quick and stylish editing, matching the musical score of the film and creating some moments which evoke the feeling of a music video. Because of this, Sexy Beast never loses energy in terms of pacing its story which keeps things stimulating most of the time, even when things slow down or get to predictable points. Having Jonathan Glazer on board as director in Sexy Beast is a real asset because he brings his skill from making music videos over to tackling the script and shows in his feature length directional debut that he knows how to tell a story. For a debut, Sexy Beast is a very impressive piece.But the highlight of Sexy Beast turned out to be the entire reason I watched it, the performance of Ben Kingsley.Ben Kingsley is really solid in Sexy Beast. The character he captures is an interesting mix between gritty and sophisticated which makes him an interesting criminal. But most importantly, Ben Kingsley approaches the material with mercilessly easy aggression. Every single word comes to him so easily flows from his mouth regardless of how much swearing it demands. It just comes to him so naturally, and so Ben Kingsley is able to turn a simple incarnation of an egotistical criminal into a full-fledged manipulative figure with a strong sense of intimidation and wit. Ben Kingsley brings a lot of class to the role and yet he plays that along with such remorseless grit that his antagonism is really effective. There is so much life in Ben Kingsley's performance that it matches the manic energy of much of the film and even transcends the more subtle nature of some of the other characters, making him the key centre of focus any time he is on screen. Ben Kingsley dominates the screen in Sexy Beast with flawless dedication to character and powerful line delivery which turns out to be one of his best performances in years. Sexy Beast is worth watching solely for his performance if nothing else.Ray Winstone is also good. Serving as the reluctant protagonist of the story, Ray Winstone is able to create a likable character who has a sense of underlying grit to him that is disguised within a relaxed persona. As the story progresses, we see it seep out of him more and more while he refuses to back down to the intimidation of Don Logan and therefore shares a powerful chemistry with Ben Kingsley. Ray Winstone manages to establish the ideal persona for his role in Sexy Beast and acts mostly through expression of body language, and it works out in the end.So although Sexy Beast has a very familiar story and doesn't attempt to break much new ground with its plot points, the stylish directorial work from Jonathan Glazer and excellent performance from Ben Kingsley make it an energetic and entertaining experience.

Abdulmalik A (gb) wrote: This comedy has a few violent scenes.

Mark N (au) wrote: One of those movies that you start to watch and you probably are not sure why you are still watching more than an hour later. The tale itself is very simple, as are the characters and yet they charm and intrigue. Henry Fool is like some force of nature that inserts itself into the Grim family and shakes up their mundane lives. He is by turns benevolent then malevolent and his motives, though unclear, seem to be hedonistic one minute and generous the next.If you are new to Hal Hartley you can do no better than this and its sequel Fay Grim followed by his charming monster tale No Such Thing.

Per Gunnar J (es) wrote: Yes, it's 4 real turkey movies but it's one of the films I saw as a kid on my fathers VHS so I just had to get the box set.

Jos M (de) wrote: Un hombre acusado de un crimen, un peridico que cree en su inocencia. Henry Hathaway dirige esta excepcional pelicula y al gran James Stewart.

Jeremy H (gb) wrote: What more can I say? Hilarious

Robert I (jp) wrote: Rerating: This was one of the first nudie coms I ever saw, but rewatching it with a better appreciation for screwball comedies, this isn't all that terrible. But still, Depp is wasted given his talents even at this age. But I guess every 14 year old boy should probably watch this movie.Barf! Things got better for Depp from here. (1 1/2 stars)