The Long Kill

The Long Kill

Two aging gunfighters (Nelson, Kristofferson) re-form their old gang to avenge the murder of one of the former members.

Two aging gunfighters (Nelson, Kristofferson) re-form their old gang to avenge the murder of one of the former members. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (br) wrote: A dark, intelligent and violent animated adaptation of DC's Justice League Dark team. Full tilt action and frightening imagery make this one of the stronger DC animated films.

Filipe C (mx) wrote: This is absolutely an essential viewing for any DePalma fans and even casual cinephiles. It's a true pleasure to hear the master talk about his life and career. Still, it's not a particularly inventive or gripping documentary. Baumbach and Paltrow could have injected some creativity and dynamic to the film's rhythm.

Cesare M (es) wrote: It's a good genre study and quite entertaining if you like it.But nothing more than this. The hints to teenage suicides and bullism are not balanced by any depth in character's psychology. And especially in the regards to the killer (yet another traumatized-born-evil-kid) that is a great minus.

Claudette A (fr) wrote: Definately for the younger generation

James S (ag) wrote: Terrible sci-fi movie done the same as them all. Add some minor names, throw in badly computer generated creatures, stirin an annoying screaming blond, shake a couple of obvious bad guys, and sprinkle a paper thin plot that's the same as all there other films and there you go! This film has so many inconsitencies, weird slow moving camera, and bad over acting that I'm not taking the time to list em all. Lame.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: A suffocating and emotionally stressful drama/social commentary that, made with a gripping naturalistic approach, impressed me most with the way it shows how people can be cruel and indifferent to human suffering only to display in the next moment a surprising amount of compassion.

Una B (mx) wrote: muuuuuuurleeeeeeg!!

Jonathan H (nl) wrote: Godard once said that Au Hasard Bathazar, Bresson's fascinating allegorical study of spiritual transcendence, is "the world in an hour and a half." I think that's a fitting description. Perhaps only Bresson can take a tragic story about a donkey and within it find the story of Christ, but all be damned if he doesn't pull it off to miraculous effect. This film can be interrupted many different ways, but for me, Balthazar is Bresson's inspiring reassurance of the existence of God by the lack of even the slightest miracle or good fortune. What is not seen, the saving grace, is made more real and believable in its absence. The story, that of a donkey's life, is, on the surface, absurd; however, what Bresson can bring to it through the patient austerity of his camera work, the martyr like surrender of his characters (including the donkey Balthazar), is as transcendent and enlightening as a private epiphany. What is amazing is that he is able to project so much depth into an audience so unsuspecting. Like Ozu, he never judges his characters, he just presents them to his audience.I feel compelled to comment on the ending. A powerful final sequence, it achieves an eerie grace, consistent with its almost unique tone - allusively Biblical and allegorical, yet resistant to specific meanings and interpretations. The plot is a narrative of human cruelty and escalating despair, but always with enough mystery in the motivation to ward off easy condemnations; and perhaps even to indicate divine guidance. Throughout, Anne Wiazemsky seizes on the donkey as a symbol of transcendence (her mother even calls it a saint in the end); it's formally christened at the beginning and undergoes something approaching a formal funeral, all of which gives its life the contours of a spiritual journey of discovery. The narrative encompasses both revelations (the interlude in the fair; new tortures like the mean old man who starves and beats him) and retrenchment; both life's austerity, its roots in servitude, and its enormous potential dignity. Never was a donkey filmed so evocatively - but as always with Bresson, the simplicity is thrilling too - there's no false artistry here; no dubious anthropomorphism. To be honest, I'm genuinely impressed that he got so much out of what appears to be so little. If you can withstand Bresson's detached style and elliptical narrative techniques, then you'll be rewarded with a powerful and soul-stirring cinematic experience.

Amanda H (it) wrote: I'm not really sure I'd call this movie a comedy. It has its share of funny moments, but it's actually more heart-wrenching than anything. But it's an incredibly good movie, no matter how you label it. I'm glad I decided to give it a chance.

Deyen S (es) wrote: Amazing movie. Classic movie. Must see for all kids

Allison B (jp) wrote: I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid.

Brota O (ca) wrote: A fun movie centering around a bellboy. It's not Oscar worthy but I love the last 2 rooms and Roth is very good at playing his characters role.

Geoff J (au) wrote: ridiculous, funny Giallo spoof.