The Long Ride Home

The Long Ride Home

A man fights the law and the lawless in order to reunite with his wife and son in the 1860s west.

A man fights the law and the lawless in order to reunite with his wife and son in the 1860s west. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ty A (jp) wrote: Solid period piece with a good story to tell. Especially enjoyed the emphasis on English imperialism and their command and control style with their colonies and territories. For me that was the true story here, not racism which I think the film tries to make the centerpiece. The movie visually was enjoyable to watch with a smooth ride up till the end. Definitely worth seeing.

Austin G (jp) wrote: This is one of the best films ever put on screen.

Cameron G (ag) wrote: it's a really fun thriller.

Long L (jp) wrote: This isn't even remotely realistic, which was probably what they were going for. The military wants to use genetically engineered wasps as weapons. You know what would have worked as well? Regular wasps.

Laura S (br) wrote: pretty solid film... they actually seemed real..

Ps J (it) wrote: start my weekend by rewatch this again. un-ironically, this is the first "godzilla" movie i ever seen back in the day. yes, sure it is not a "godzilla" movie. but, as a standalone monster movie it still has its own merits. The first 30 minutes is entertaining and the rest of it just a Jurassic Park/ Independence Day knockoff.

Steven O (de) wrote: Cute film...sometimes funny...predictable ending...but cute.

Gav S (br) wrote: this film rocked, way back when. it still rocks :-)

Rameshwar I (es) wrote: Strictly works by the charisma of its lead actor who manages to match the legend himself. Otherwise it is quite orthodox, rusty in its action sequences, melodramatic and downright corny at times.

Luca D (it) wrote: Un buon thriller ben pensato e costruito. La sfida tra il gatto (Hopkins) e il topo (Goslig) regge ed credibile. Alla fine, per, sembra tutto un po' un grande onanismo poliziesco (un po' come i giochi di palline che costruiva Hopkins nel film). Il regista ci mette dentro anche un pizzico di critica sociale e contro i grandi studi legali nati solo per far soldi, ovviamente il tutto cos retorico e inutile ai fini della trama che non ce ne si accorge neanche (fortunatamente).