The Long Riders

The Long Riders

The origins, exploits and the ultimate fate of the James gang is told in a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers made up of brothers who begin their legendary bank raids because of revenge.

During the years following the Civil War, banks and trains become the targets of the James-Younger gang, outlaws who terrorize the Midwestern United States. Due to an event, theĀ groups of brothers go their separate ways, but they soon regroup for an ill-fated bank job in Northfield, Minn., that results in an epic chase. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco G (de) wrote: This one started out great, as a fresh take on the werewolf mythos and it's starting mistery and characters were engaging... until the action started... with it's Birdemic level sfx that are just hilariously bad. The budget really shows and that is a shame, because there was something great cooking underneath, but the cheesy turn to the worst is just bad. You'll be a bit better served with the similiar take on vampires of Afflicted, that one managed to work on the action pieces.

Jonathan B (br) wrote: Saw the movie when it came out and did not like it much.

(mx) wrote: We get a fairly good look at the things teachers in tough schools have to deal with. A long time passes during which I didn't like the kids' aggression or the teacher's disproportionate sarcasm, but the movie managed to turn my feelings around a bit. Was that the point? I think that was the point.Also, many important things happen, about which we never hear again, probably because so much is going on. Is that another point about life in a school? I guess it is. So, well done.

Ca M (nl) wrote: great philosophical lessons. For people who don't read philosophy or know of some lessons, some of this might go over your head.

Antony G (mx) wrote: An awful movie & an awful mess from the plot to how it was all filmed. How are you even going to enjoy a film if the camera won't stop moving. I'm not taking about jerky camera movement but movement like someone is having a serious seizure behind it. Is it supposed to make the film gritty & real? Because all it accomplished was me suffering a minor headache. Only good thing about this movie was Keira Knightley not being type cast as some girl next door type/girl you love to bring home to the parents but as a kick ass bad girl your mother warned you about! Based on a true story, in a way, about a model & daughter of an actor who turns her back on wealth for the excitement of being a bounty hunter.

Bruce B (es) wrote: wayne's world done to rap. had some funny parts, but some few and far between. relied more on the concept than the details

Paul J (ru) wrote: Another lame Italian zombie flick that rips off Night of the Living Dead. They throw in a bit of cheesy cannibal stuff and make it as gruesome as hell - plenty of gut munching and eye-popping effects. Everything about it is terrible. Clearly it was banned due to the scene where a five year old boy gets blown away by a machine gun. The only real highlight, apart from some quality make-up effects, is that Goblin did the score.

Alice K (ag) wrote: one of the best new horror movies