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A corrupt cop named Sam handles negotiations between two Triad leaders who plan to join forces. However, he meets a suspicious bald man named Tony, who keeps following him around and disrupting his personal business.

Two triad leaders vie for the right to manage a string of casinos in Macau which sparks an exhausting battle. A twist of fate brings the two gangster bosses together in collaboration, but rumors have it otherwise. A murderous plot unfolds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Anna Margarethe O (jp) wrote: Not in any sense an award-winning type of film, just A sweet, touching, beautiful story that honours the promise of love & commitment to serve one's country in war. Some might shed a tear or two, so a tissue would be handy.

Tanner K (kr) wrote: Provides enough spectacle and drama to satisfy fans of the original anime, even if the humor is weak and the ending is a bit of a let down.

Richard W (ag) wrote: Big man being funny around children (and only occasionally shooting people).

Zyan B (es) wrote: aye that's pretty good

Barry T (es) wrote: A hard-hitting look at survival in New York and the desperation of 2 down on their luck characters who rely on each other for everything,with Voight's looks and Hoffman's street-wise know-how combining as best it can.Brilliant acting and a worthy Oscar winner,with a great soundtrack to boot !!

Jurgen H (nl) wrote: i want to make theatre...make art in general like bill greaves. i can't believe this guy came out of the actor's studio. so much more playful and imaginative in the search for realtiy through the artifice of film

Shaun B (es) wrote: The first two thirds of this movie is nearly intolerable at times but then it picks up pace a bit and Vadim even plays a bit of homage to the likes of Fellini with some unique fever dream sequences. Otherwise it's just blah...kinda what you expect from a Roger Vadim vehicle.

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Mary L (jp) wrote: Ok so I know that I'm going to get flack for giving this movie as high as a rating as I did. And yes, 2.5 for this is high. It's a Catwoman movie that doesn't incorporate anything else in it's universe and is a ...PG? rating. And, not really dark at all. Also, it is the most cookie-cutter mid-2000s formula that there is. So why did I give it 2.5? I love cats, 1. But also, Halle Berry is pretty awesome in the role. For what she's given at least. I'm keeping it in my collection to feel like a teenage (17 when it came out, whatever) girl again. So what?

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