The Lookalike

The Lookalike

Two crooks looking out for a drug lord's love interest scramble to find a look-alike after she dies unexpectedly.

Sadie';s death propels an ex basketball champion, a deaf beauty, an addict, and an aspiring actress into an unlikely romance and a desperate quest to appease drug lord William Spinks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James B (ag) wrote: This movie was horrible. Same horror tactics that every horror movie have been using for the past 10 years.

Phil P (nl) wrote: "Saito. Halt." Iv'e this for a good 2 years without watching it, don't know why i just sort of left it there on my shelf. But today i decided i may as well give it a watch and relatively enjoyable if a bit flat and lifeless in the story and animation at times. 'Vexille' is another animated film to come from Japan that uses CGI. Unlike 'Final Fantasy: Spirits Within' however, its a bit hit and miss. It's been called fantastically animated and styled by some but i just don't see it. The characters look dead inside a glossy doll like expression on their face most of the time. Ok, when things are happening and it's in motion and emotion is displayed it looks good but it doesn't hold it all the way through (which is not possible is it?.) The plot is the same occasionally interesting but then it plays it out too long and it's replaced by disappointment - and talk about anti-climactic endings. I won't describe all the pre-information describing the plot because you get a fair amount of it thrown at you at the beginning. Basically its about 'Japan' separated from the rest of the world and USA ain't happy with that so they send in a team to investigate what's happening. That's as basic as i can describe its simple but there are other nuances - like robots, bio metals and somethings called 'Jags'. But there isn't much to it, the focus does change slightly and the original plot disappears completely. The action is fairly well staged so even when the plot isn't there you kept vaguely interested. Yet another CGI animated anime film to come out of Japan, with mixed results. The animation is a tad odd to look at and the plot is hit and miss. However, the action set-pieces are well staged and the voice acting is pretty good. Those into anime will like it but for everyone else - like it's plot - would be hit and miss.

Maia T (gb) wrote: I wished they continued the story farther

Kym c my community profile R (br) wrote: Fell asleep watching . David Boreanez stars as a married man, who?s sleeping with the baby sitter, her friends find out & they add themselves to the mix. Taking turns and finally he?s had it & wants out. He devises a plan with a buddy of his that goes awry. The movie & the characters are boring. We?ve all seen or heard of various incarnations of movies like this. The characters (actors acting) seems wooden. F

Sonia R (it) wrote: True story! Great movie!!!

Matthew S (fr) wrote: This film is almost impossible to watch, but there is a commentary at work here that adds meaning, but never fully excuses Miike's need to shock. Watch at your own risk.

Sanjay K (ca) wrote: hritik was soul of the movie. another movie based on disturbing theme of how injustice provokes human being to go against the enitre cummunity and hurt the civilians.

Rose L (br) wrote: The twist in the movie blows everyone away. I loved this movie and its the first movie I suggest people to watch. They always think its gonna be stupid but at the end they are giving high fives for suggesting the movie to them.

Santosh N (nl) wrote: An excellent movie with a wonderfully simple storyline tracing the life of a twenty dollar bill as it travels from person to person!

Private U (ru) wrote: This movie is ridiculous, I can't even begin to go into how retarded this movie is, but it's another MST3k worthy picture and reels out mock-worthy material by the dozen.

Claudio H (nl) wrote: Esse filme inventou o plot twist

Caleb C (kr) wrote: A contemporary classic indeed. This the first of the Sideny Poitier classics I've seen so far, and I was glad this was the first. Sidney Poitier along with Martin Landau in the supporting role is really what makes this film so memorable.