The Loreley's Grasp

The Loreley's Grasp

The legendary Loreley has been living for centuries in a grotto beneath the river Rhein in Germany. Every night when the moon is full, she turns into a reptile-like creature craving for human blood. When one girl after another of a nearby boarding school is killed by her, a hunter named Sirgurd is engaged to kill the monster.

The legendary Loreley has been living for centuries in a grotto beneath the river Rhein in Germany. Every night when the moon is full, she turns into a reptile-like creature craving for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan S (jp) wrote: Willem Dafoe's the best Green Goblin! Really! Also, Tobey Maguire did a great job playing my favorite superhero. The acting and action was fantastic and I recommend this movie.

Dan K (kr) wrote: Kilmer is the only thing that keeps this meandering excuse for a horror movie afloat.

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Anna N (jp) wrote: Boring, but where's the horror?

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Nikki B (mx) wrote: I wanna see this... Sigouney looks beautiful... love it! lol

Kanwaljeet S (ca) wrote: One of the Best Hindi movies ever.

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