The Lorry

The Lorry

In this most talky and personal of films, director Marguerite Duras and actor Gerard Depardieu do an on-camera read-through of a movie script. Occasionally, the director comments about the characters or their motivations, and sometimes the actor does. That's all -- there is no action, there are no location shots, no one pretends to be anything else. The script itself tells about an encounter between a blank-slate of a woman hitchhiker, and a communist truck driver. As the reading progresses, Duras comments bitterly about the failed ideals of communism and the glorious revolution that will probably never happen.

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Sagar J (mx) wrote: terrible movie. do not waste your 2 hrs on this crap

Noel F (nl) wrote: The Korean version of Ocean's eleven.. Started slow but the action scenes at the last part is worth the wait... plus there's that cute girl from My Sassy Girl

Bill R (ca) wrote: Owl and Sparrow; this Vietnamese film about a run away girl who meets a flight attendant in Siagon is a very beautiful story that you will enjoy.

Gregory K (mx) wrote: Super manipulative and melodramatic. Not particularly interesting or emotionally satisfying.

David B (es) wrote: Another Hugh Grant movie, another rom-com, yet another that I find strangely enjoyable. The storyline seems just plausible enough, and the chemistry between the two leads works. Good date movie.

007 W (ag) wrote: It's a pretty good movie

Jan Marc M (ag) wrote: Just when I thought I had enough of films inspired by the events of World War II, Divided We Fall comes with a fresh direction that left me in total awe. Brilliant rapport of comedy and severity, tense and grace infused with elaborate cinematic styles. A story of conscience, courage, compromise, and survival. Refined writing and direction! Euphoric.

Faial A (gb) wrote: loves the musical song and a comedy that would not want to be missed.

William F (au) wrote: Tonally, I did not know what to make of this film. Vulgar, offensive, disturbing, but also light and charming? Definitely worth a shot. Also, who knew Gerard was so cute?

Andrew B (fr) wrote: Strange wee film. The story doesn't kick in till half way through but worth it for Oliver Reed's oddball performance. He changes his accent every scene from posh toff, barrowboy, texan and back to toff again.

Kenneth W (es) wrote: I CAN't FIND THIS MOVIE ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serenity M (us) wrote: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww man i want to see this

Kenny N (gb) wrote: This one crept up on me. It's got a pure Hollywood gloss to it and features some big names, which sets it apart from the average B-movie which contains this exact same plot. (Spoiler alert!) Snuff films are a horror topic not often covered in films outside the exploitation world, and this is an attempt to do so Hollywood style. It's a short sharp shock that ticks by pretty fast, making it an effective time waster that still chills you and makes you think twice about taking the road less traveled.