The Loser Takes All

The Loser Takes All

A cynical man, along with a 19 year old musician, a former lover, an alcoholic client of a bar and a black strip club dancer are involved with anarchist mood in a dangerous game with drugs godfathers of the night, cops and media.

Man (Gianis Aggelakas), a mysterious man of the underworld, small time grifter and big time hard-man, who has an anarchic tendency to mumble and comment on the system, society, police, the underworld itself and other things, along with his beloved bird, Bellafonte, meets up with an odd posse consisting of kid, who is a young songwriter, a prostitute who gathers money in order to open o bookstore, an alcoholic girl haunted by the relationship with her dead mother, and the grudgey bar-woman-ex-girlfriend. The five of them get caught up in a scheme involving the media, the mob, politicians and the police. And they definitely want to get the hell out of the city, probably to some Caribbean paradise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thiyagaraja C (it) wrote: Definitely a quintessential relationship movie. Selvaraghavan's tight script has redefined Kollywood's love stories, the complexities and harsh truths are brought to surface. Solid performances by Dhanush & Richa has made this film a truly rewarding watch with all it's close-to-heart scenes. The core strength of the subject is at the freshness of the story, portrayal of the characters and the strong emotions. One of the best Tamil films in recent times.

Gina W (kr) wrote: A beautiful French movie about a father and daughter relationship.

Peter K (au) wrote: Don't get me wrong, but an explosion would have saved this movie.One star is for the flirt.The other is for New York.

Becky C (ca) wrote: Corny try at American History.

Andy C (us) wrote: An unrelenting film. Amanda Plummer gives a very brave and desperate performance as a woman unhinged from reality who kills indiscriminately in the wake of psychotic rages. Not for everyone.

Akil G (nl) wrote: Very accurate to the documented story and very well acted

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Kind of film you wish was better as it felt very cheap and rushed and its more silly than anything, Having said that there was some nice violent kills plus Stallones character was brilliant and funny, It's short run time isn't too bad as it does tend to run out of steam quick but it's ok for its time.

Hannah D (au) wrote: Great movie. Makes you realize how much Tarantino took...

Jack O (ag) wrote: Well after the Disney classics of Snow White and Pinocchio it seems Walt had to do something really special. I mean REALLY special! Walt Disney had made a landmark of animation to Musical animated feature with no dialogue. How fascinating is that?The musical themes are:Toccata and Fugue in D MinorNutcracker SuiteThe Sorcerer's Apprentice (starring Mickey Mouse)The Rite of SpringThe intermission of Meet the SoundtrackThe Pastoral SymphonyDance of the HoursNight on Bald Mountainand finally Ave MariaThat's all the classical musicals there is. I have only seen the opening number of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Rite of Sping which is scary and the beautiful musical theme Ave Maria. Years ago I've watched The Rite of Spring and when I got older my friend Sam Hudson told me that it is a box office disappointment. I didn't know that it is a box office disappointment when I watch this movie because Sam told me that because of the World War II. Aside from that, this Disney classic is a critical acclaim. The music in this is beautiful just the two Disney classics, it is a achivement of all of us.

Spencer B (es) wrote: Fun movie to watch when you have nothing else to do.