The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys

A mother and her two teenage sons move to a seemingly nice and quiet small coastal California town yet soon find out that it's overrun by bike gangs and vampires. A couple of teenage friends take it upon themselves to hunt down the vampires that they suspect of a few mysterious murders and restore peace and calm to their town.

The movie is about Michael and Sam, two Arizona brothers who move to a small town in northern California which is plagued by bikers and some mysterious deaths and end up fighting a gang of young vampires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabrielle H (es) wrote: This film has a mixture of Skins and Misfits. To be honest, I expected so much more from this film. Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan's acting is quite awesome. After watching the film twice, I started to grow to like it. I would recommend you to watch this movie!

Facebook U (ag) wrote: The filmmakers' hearts are definitely in the right place with Two Weeks, but it's not enough. They appeared to stumble into a number of cinematic cliches; at several points, in fact, I could almost predict the action and/or dialogue. The closing scene alone -- a tone deaf slapstick absurdity that adds nothing to the moment -- was enough to merit a full star reduction, in my opinion. But the interstitials featuring a surprisingly boring confessional from the dying mother (Sally Fields) was the most troubling aspect of the film. It was clear the post production team did not know how to effectively weave these potentially enlightening tid-bits into the overall narrative. Consequently, the primary character's final thoughts become virtual speeds bumps for an already sluggish movie. Two Weeks begins to feel more like a feature length television drama cobbled together with individual episodes that spanned who knows how many weeks on basic cable. A quality cast like this really deserves a more courageous script and a better editor.

William T (ag) wrote: So boring. The only slightly funny parts are in that 7 minute youtube clip.Just watch that instead of wasting your time on this....

Effie Y (de) wrote: the best movie!! I love it~ and the songs.

Kimmo K (nl) wrote: Quite funny in places, but that's really all there is to it. Fun to see once, never-the-less.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: A murder drama involving the president of the United States. It's starts out ok, then moves at a snails pace! Maybe worth watching once.

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: Touching story. The weirdo uncles were great. Kudos Mrs.? Keaton.

Ben C (br) wrote: Dolly Parton's charisma makes this ridiculously lightweight comedy an enjoyable watch.

Vuk S (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies. It was actually one of the first trash movies I have seen and paved the way for my interest in the genre. In case you didn't notice from the title, the movie is packed with over the top disgusting, vile and offensive scenes. From a guy's brains constantly spilling out of his head, though aliens feasting on puke, to crazy gunfights with obviously fake and badly made gun props, you will find yourself laughing your ass off, and probably having more fun than while watching any "good" movie (no, seriously). Although loaded with gore, it is mostly shown in a fun and "colorful" manner, much like in the movie Street Trash (also a huge recommendation). Along with Jackson's later "Dead Alive", this "awful masterpiece" is a must see for all trash fans. Although being a genius for splatter comedies, sadly Jackson never returned to directing such movies.

Mihai M (it) wrote: Almost non-stop ferocious action. What more can you ask for?

Natalie O (us) wrote: I utterly adore this film! Everyone was brilliant and it was so real despite masquerading as a romance. Charlotte Rampling can be a mean bitch

Timothy M (kr) wrote: Pretty good. It's quite simple, and I'm not sure that the fact that it's all a fever dream is quite permissible, but the film is pulled off with energy and fun. The performances are good across the board, and the writing is quite funny in places. It's a good debut for Minnelli, and only confirms my suspicions that he was much better working in the Academy ratio (why he gets praise heaped upon him for his CinemaScope stuff I'll never understand).

Antonio P (es) wrote: I love this movie! I hope it comes out on Blu-ray!...