The Lost Coast

The Lost Coast

Director/screenwriter Gabriel Fleming (One Thousand Years) explores the subtleties of loneliness, friendship, and sexuality with this tale of two high school friends who are forced to face their unspoken sexual history while wandering the streets of San Francisco on Halloween night.

As a group of old high school friends wander through San Francisco on Halloween night, two of them are forced to confront their unspoken sexual history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth Y (kr) wrote: YO!!! reformative & quite philosophical one, would be a surprising piece this year!!

Carl G (jp) wrote: Pretty crap film, a shame with the actors that are in it.

Bailey B (ag) wrote: it looks mad good!! 100% want to see

Andrew L (gb) wrote: A vividly painted portrait of the 1980's England youth movement that poignantly and boldly examines cultural and political issues against the backdrop of a coming of age tale that'll tug at your heartstrings for better and worse. The definitive product of Meadows career and much of the cast's too for a set of electrifying performances, the best of which goes without doubt to Thomas Turgoose's extraordinary debut.

Waleed A (au) wrote: great movie, intesnse, fun, serious, action, funny, story. very entertaining (about 3 viewings)

George K (it) wrote: Very thoughtful and interesting criticism of Western Society in the new millenium. A bit slow at some points, but overall an excellent movie.

Matthew L (br) wrote: This looks amazing, from set design to costumes and Frank Langella doesn't so much as chew the scenery as take huge handfuls from it and spit it back at the rest of the cast. However, looks aren't everything and whilst this has the appearance of a rollicking high-seas adventure the plot and script are so slapdash and laughable that it doesn't even fall into the 'so bad its good' category of film making. More famous these days for sinking a studio, and pretty much stopping the careers of everyone involved in their tracks, with the exception of Langella. Come for the visuals but ignore the dialogue; 'I've got your balls' indeed!

Janika Maria B (nl) wrote: This is the hand saying: NEXT

Shane O (nl) wrote: A few goofy mishaps hardly undermine what is an otherwise relentlessly suspenseful tour-de-force. "Dead Calm" bolsters tense direction, a haunting musical score and excellent performances from its cast in a film that pushes what is an otherwise simple premise, to its most chilling maximum.

Cresswell S (it) wrote: Sleazy LA underwrld is the centre of this actioner

Geoff N (ca) wrote: No way is this the greatest film ever! The Emporer is naked people. For the most part, this movie is a black and white bore. It's only saving grace are the lessons about opulence, and finally finding out what rosebud is all about.

Dayana S (ca) wrote: I just want to see it for Mark Ruffalo...

Frank P (it) wrote: Simply put the best Next Generation movie and maybe one of the best Star Trek movie every!

Martin H (gb) wrote: Very funny and very good romantic comedy with a great cast. Plenty of laugh out loud moments, mainly thanks to the brilliant Kevin Hart. Funnier on second viewing. 8/10