The Lost Limited

The Lost Limited


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1927
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:melodrama,   train,  

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The Lost Limited torrent reviews

Jenn T (mx) wrote: Good cast, decent movie.

Leonardo Malacay S (kr) wrote: excelente musical espaol dirigido por Ramon Salazar la protagonista un travest al que le sobran 20 cm sera ese acaso su atractivo?

Colm M (br) wrote: I've been meaning to see this for a long time out of a mild curiosity. When I describe a movie as being a window on a world (which I have done often) then you can be sure that I really liked it. With an great 1980's feel this is a modern classic. If I had a connection with the sport this would be a 5 star movie for me. As it stands I know nothing about Am Football but I did connect with a small working class community putting all their identity, hopes and dreams into the local team. Here in Ireland we have the GAA and Gaelic games which fills that need. For those who don't understand the passion and commitment this movie will enlighten you. You could hate American Football and still love this movie. Superbly directed and acted. Provoked in me a strong emotional response. I would have thought this was one for the men out there but my wife loved it too so there you go. A must see.

Johnny C (ca) wrote: How the F*** did this get such high rating ms?!? Don't even waste your time on this one.

Peter P (it) wrote: A hate letter to Bill Gates?

Michael A (it) wrote: An overlooked Brian De Palma masterpiece!

Luke C (ca) wrote: Spike Jonze must have had a broken childhood. The depression abounds and not really appropriate for children. It may help adult children of broken homes to relate or to empathize. As for me, I found it's overall appeal to match its dun colored motif.

Brandon S (fr) wrote: A whacky and subversive British comedy. At first it seems like a tame farce, and for the most part it is, but at times its raunchy or shocking. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but I like it. Exactly how many accents does Peter Sellers have in this movie?

Frankie D (it) wrote: Not as good as some of the others as the dance scenes arent too great, but channing tatums still a good actor, so from that point its a good movie. Still worth watching, but the sequels are better :P

Brian C (au) wrote: Make no mistake...this is an awful movie. But I gotta was awesome! Goofy characters, quirky situations, surreal moments...i mean where else would you get hillbilly torture but from the same lake where Friday the 13th was filmed. And it even pays respects to a Clockwork Orange!! Anyway, I loved it. and I recommend it.