The Lost Man

The Lost Man

A gang of black militants plots to rob a factory to finance their "revolutionary struggle."

A gang of black militants plots to rob a factory to finance their "revolutionary struggle." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Lost Man torrent reviews

Ted W (kr) wrote: Compelling, but in the end unsatisfying. There are some wonderful scenes of hallucinatory power and some great characterizations, but the denouement seemed a bit cheap, like a Twilight Zone episode. The music was truly outstanding.

Jess L (es) wrote: A pretty mediocre movie about a group of people whose lives just happen to intertwine with the other characters. Definitely not a new concept in that respect but there was enough going on to keep my interest, just wasn't the greatest film.

Esteban M (us) wrote: It's shit aimed at the lowest common denominator. Avoid at all costs.

Zachary B (ag) wrote: It's good intentions can't hide it's bad writing, generic lessons, and poor special effects. In what world do 13 year olds say "dead meat" and "beep beep beep, loser detector"?

Cameron H (us) wrote: It definatley gave bad vibes all the way through and those are the movies I get down with.

Isaac J (us) wrote: A memorable retelling of the classic event.

Alex M (gb) wrote: The thrills are definitely bigger in this film, the rivalry against another group of spy kids is fun, and some great new secondary characters are introduced, but it's a little bit underwhelming compared to the first. 7/10.

Love M (au) wrote: I really quite liked this movie! I'm a vampire movie fan anyways, but this is different, its a funny writen script, with a great cast and entertaining to watch.

Michael (mx) wrote: Hilarious and unusual. An extreamly well thought out plot with nonstop laughs. Roberto Benigni is a genious when it comes to comedy.

Sean F (ca) wrote: Holy fuck, I've watched this in HD 600 times in the last 2 days and it's still amazing each time.

David B (kr) wrote: Wonderful visuals matched with confusing plot twists and loads of nudity make this an fascinating but underwhelming chapter in the Pasolini saga

Turtleboy G (kr) wrote: One of Adam Sandler's best movies. It tells a great story very well. Definitely one to watch for a fan of comedy.

James O (fr) wrote: Even though there's not much to the plot, you just can't go far wrong when you have Anthony Hopkins playing the lead. Great cast elevates a fairly dour film up to a level of respectability.

Glossy M (es) wrote: If the title didn't make you roll your eyes, the premise of the movie itself should. It's one of those ideas that's good in theory, but is easily drowned out with disgusting amounts of tropes and cliches if the directors aren't careful. I laughed. One and a half stars because I laughed. A lot.

Carlo C (de) wrote: Entretenidsimo filme, en el estilo de la primera parte de esta historia, aunque tal vez se pudo haber aprovechado ms el relajito financiero que acaba de ocurrir en el mundo, para elaborar un poco ms la trama a ese respecto, el personaje de Gekko (M. Douglas) fiel a su estilo nos tiene guardadas dos o tres sorpresitas. Lo peor de la pelcula Shia LaBeouf, no le creo nada.