The Lost Missile

The Lost Missile

Scientists try to stop a mysterious missile from destroying the Earth.

A strange missile from outer space circles the Earth at low altitudes, destroying everything in its path. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob L (de) wrote: An ingenious premise in that this movie tells the story of Mussolini's rise to power via the eyes of his one time lover and wife, Ida Dalser - whom he abandoned and who ended up gracing a litany of mental asylums . It's a heartbreaking tale even if we obviously root for her not to be drawn into the orbit of evil. The dictator's early socialism and consequent opportunism are well portrayed as well as his bullying persona - even if looks wise, he little resembles the corpulent Duce of repute. The action is interspersed with newsreel footage and clever use or sloganeering typography. But given Mussolini's sheer objectionableness, Dalser's moth-to-flame refusal to forget all about her lover means we ultimately end up feeling less sympathy for her.

MF J (jp) wrote: On every level this film is awesome! Loved the story & the characters are incredibly rough & true! The soundtrack is awesome & let's be fair, this film is quite illuminated!

Sren G (mx) wrote: Romantisk komedi formulr 1A. Och huvudpersonerna r dockor som talar om knslor som inte gr att knna med dem. Men slutet r s sockerstt att hret reser sig p armarna nd.

Chris A (us) wrote: A pretty good movie overall. Kidman and Baldwin play good characters and there are some classic lines in this movie. "You ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something, I am God!" It doesn't get any better than that lol.

Scott M (ru) wrote: A nostalgic look at the 1950s. Not as entertaining as Back to the Future.

Will D (ag) wrote: An interesting 70s revenge flick on the subject of bullying.A new student who arrives at Central High is introduced to a group of students whom little does he know, cause havoc as part of the schools tradition, and trouble isn't what's onhis mind. Aware of his lack of contribution to troublemaking, the gang crush the boy's leg with the car he was fixing. No longer able to jog like he used to occasionally, he slowly crafts revenge on the gang members in sneaky violent ways.This film shows how human nature changes among the evironment the entire school goes through perfectly. My one complaint is the strange lack of teachers and athorities until at the end of the film, making the school look like it was ran by students themselves. Another thing that bugs me is one scene when a bully is caught in an explosion from his locker; at first the aftermath is convayed realisticly; everyone franticly runs out of school like it were a real school shooting, but by the time they reach the parking lot, there's seems to be a lack of emotional feeling among the students after the incident.Despite that and a few other reasons that I don't feel are important to discuss, this is quite an entertaining exploitation movie to look out for.

Barry S (fr) wrote: Has to be one of the all time movie greater. I could watch this over and over again, and laugh just as much. bring back the Carry On's!!

Thomas B (kr) wrote: A semi-interesting film of a gunfighter and a small western town.

Darrin C (kr) wrote: Wow, this one really stood out there especially for it's time. It's nearly all dialog which is okay because it is all story! Brilliantly done with over-the-top acting at times adds to my liking!

Nilufer R (gb) wrote: It was a cute little movie I enjoyed watching very much however as I always say about Woody Allen; so much better without him. He is very annoying. I loved the rest of the cast, hot and lovely.

Ryan S (ag) wrote: 4.5/5. Whoever had the idea to turn this franchise into an action/heist series is a genius. Far superior to the previous four films, Fast Five is where the series takes a new direction and it is definitely for the better.

Kaitlyn J (gb) wrote: Interesting story but somewhat boring.

Private U (it) wrote: An important political statement against capital punishment.

Justin H (ru) wrote: 'Pawn Sacrifice' tells the world-famous story, within the Chess community, of the greatest World Chess Championship showdown between Bobby Fischer of the U.S.A, and current,-at the time, world champion Boris Spaske of the then USSR.Fischer, an American of Jewish ancestry, became at age 15 Bobby became the worlds youngest Chess Grandmaster at the time, and the youngest player to qualify for the World Championship.The film follows the events leading up to the 1972 World Championship match that was pitted as the Cold War of Chess, as Fischer believed that beating Spaske would be an ideological win for the United States.Bobby Fischer's mental state had already begun to slip into states of extreme paranoia, convinced the 'Russians' were spying and tapping his phone communications.The remainder of the film showcases the historic battle between the two Grandmasters, with Fischer famously beating Spaske 12 1/2 games to 8 1/2 games to claim the title.Fischer disappeared from public view in 1975 only to reemerge in 1992 to again beat Spaske in unofficial Championship. As the match was held in Yugoslavia, under a United Nations embargo at the time, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Fischer for evading taxes.In 2005, Fischer was granted full citizenship to Iceland where he remained until his last days. denouncing the USSR, his Jewish heritage and America. Bobby Fischer's paranoia and immensely diminished mental state caused him to live in isolation until his death on January 17th 2008.'Pawn Sacrifice' succeeds as a straight forward retelling of the famous Fischer vs Spaske showdown, yet only delves lightly into his mental health and paranoia.Toby McGuire, whilst not resembling Fischer pulls off a solid portrayal of the Chess prodigy from Brooklyn turned World Champion. Liev Schreiber has quite a resemblance to Spaske, and whilst he turns in a good performance, his talent is underused in the film.

Rangan R (ru) wrote: In a rare case when friendship comes before the family...This is not like one of those you have already seen cancer themed film, there's two main characters and their two sets of struggles. They both are very close friends since childhood. When they grow up, one settles down comfortably in life, but fall seriously ill and another one struggles to build a family.I think the film's strength was the development in every scene without wasting a bit. There's always something happens that keeps us alive. I expected the usual, but it gave me a different entertainment. In the movie everything was between two friends, even each had their own family to care about, this story concentrated what came between them and how they fought together.Great direction, shot in wonderful places, but the actors were decent. They should have been better, especially Toni Collette. To me the sentiments were very weak knowing the theme belong to the tearjerkers. Initially you might think it is a female version of '50/50', almost it was, but tried to be a different with additional story expansion. Overall a good movie, little fun to watch, you might enjoy it, but I can't guarantee.7/10