The Lost Planet

The Lost Planet

Dr. Ernst Grood , having already dominated the planet Ergro, now intends to take over the control of the Earth. Unfortunately for him, reporters oppose his sinister designs.

Two newspaper reporters battle a plot by the evil Dr. Grood to conquer the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarfara A (fr) wrote: The Turin Horse (A torini l Hungarian film directed by Bla Tarr and gnes Hranitzky,. Starring Jnos Derzsi, Erika Bk. Film was co-written by Tarr and his Lszl Krasznahorkai. The film is shot in black-and-white. The film premiered at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, and earned Jury Grand Prix. The film was official Hungarian entry for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language, but could not make it to final list. This is supposedly the last film by Tarr, as he claims in his interview with NY Times. The opening of the film a man narrates an earlier short-story of Nietzsche, while in Turin (Italy) one day in 1889, he witnessed a cart driver beating a horse and threw himself, weeping, on the animal's neck ,according to legend, the event led mental breakdown from which Nietzsche never recovered. Tarr says that he wanted to show the heaviness of the life; plus the daily basic routines to fetch water from well under harsh weather, in someone's life. After watching interview of Tarr, I came up with view that if we were to ascertain segments of life's philosophical ups-and-downs then, there are countless such issues out there, to dramatize them and debate over their existence in the universe. If Tarr is so much anxious to show the world about daily fetching of water from well and how hard it can be for someone, then he should research on this and come to Thar (Sindh, Pakistan) one of the largest deserts in the world, where the dwellers go out each day in search of water. These movies are not aimed at general/average audience, for they contain real upheavals of human-life and tragic resounding of misery suffered at state of poverty and ever changing environment (that Tarr wants to explain).

Richard C (it) wrote: Just like the first one, it's a nice throw back to the slashers I used to see on late night tv when I was younger. It's also funny unlike some of the newer slashers that relay on douche-bag characters for not so witty one-liners.

Angel B (kr) wrote: a heartbreaking film....

Luke R (nl) wrote: In my ongoing quest to watch every sports related movie ever released, I found this one on the shelf and thought I'd give it a shot.Loosely based on true events - this movie is about the efforts of Gracie to make it onto the boys varsity soccer team, after the tragic death of her brother, Johnny who was the star of the team.In short, this movie is not good. Most of the acting, even from the likes of the usually solid Dermot Mulroney (see The Family Stone for a good example of his better work), is quite poor. The acting of Elisabeth Shue, the actual "Gracie" in real life, even comes off as very wooden. I would have thought her acting should be the most genuine of all given this is "her" story, but it wasn't to be.Carly Schroeder, in the main role as Gracie, is the main positive to come from this movie. She puts forward a decent performance (or perhaps the best of a bad bunch) and I'm surprised she hasn't gone on to do more. Her character was poorly written in my opinion.One of my major pet peeves in sporting movies is the "in-game" play looking realistic - and this movie does not really deliver the goods in that respect either. I didn't believe that when Gracie eventually hit the field, she was good enough to be out there.If you're desperate to watch something, and you're a soccer fan, you may find this somewhat entertaining. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

Kaci M (es) wrote: [font=Times New Roman][color=plum]Well then. I kind of like dealing with other people's problems, because they keep me from thinking about mine. I don't want to get too specific (like you did in the last entry regarding a certain married classmate?), but a friend of mine with a hard job is about to....well, okay, he's gone a little loony already, but I'm taking it on as my job to calm him down, especially when he's begging me to tell him what to do. I've already taken on much more than I wanted to with this 35mm project, because he's a friend. He owes me big time. But for now, thinking and listening to him bitch (especially when it's about John, haha) keeps me from getting into a depressed "I'm alone" thing like I did a little while ago. That was just sucky and unproductive. But as the days turn into a week of not being with Evan, it's hard to imagine how long it will take him to get things together and woo me back. Or if he even will. You know me, I don't get my hopes up. [/color][/font] [font=Times New Roman][color=#dda0dd]So I'm halfway through my third book in less than three days. [i]A Date with the Other Side, The Givenchy Code, [/i]and now [i]Hot Spot.[/i] All pretty light stuff, easy to get through (I'm a reader extraordinaire, anyway), and entertaining. Keeping myself occupied. Enjoying the things I love, the ones that got tossed by the wayside when Evan and his time-consumingness came along. Yes, my desire for his company and such was to blame too, but now that it's a moot point I can focus on me time, on reading and journal writing and talking to my friends online and *gasp* even going out with my friends. Speaking of, swam (god that felt good, it was so freakin HOT today!) with Brenner today and watched [i]Pauly Shore is Dead[/i]. It uh...well, it taught me that you don't need a budget or good actors to make a film, just famous friends. I mean, the thing looked like a cheap sitcom. And the "storyline"...I certainly hope it was meant to be shitty. There were a few amusing moments, mostly the cameos (adam sandler's voice, vince vaughn, verne troyer and his giant dog), but otherwise this is another Brenner chosen movie that seriously sucked. Sorry, hun. LoL. [/color][/font][font=Times New Roman][color=#dda0dd][/color][/font] [font=Times New Roman][size=4][color=yellow]OH. MY. GOD. [size=2]You know it's finally come. Tomorrow night, at midnight. I was [u]insanely [/u]excited to see [i]Mr. and Mrs. Smith[/i]. But I'm almost Balegasming myself in anticipation for [/size][size=4]CHRISTIAN BALE, aka BATMAN!!! Woooohhoooo!!![/size][size=2] Phew, okay. I'm good. I cannot, however, promise that I will be able to contain the various squeals, sighs, moues, screams, claps, and huge grins that will automatically jump to my face every time Christian Bale does something remotely cute, sexy, or funny. So, constantly. Oh yeah, and the fact that BATMAN RULES and I'm just excited to see two of my favorite things get some well-deserved POSITIVE recognition. You're the king of Gotham, baby!! *does a little Newsies dance*[/size][/color][/size][/font][font=Times New Roman][color=#dda0dd][/color][/font] [font=Times New Roman][color=#dda0dd]Mondo Bongo. First sexy encounter between Brad and Angelina, last awesome choreographed fight in the movie. Download it. It doesn't have quite the same effect when you can't imagine the scenes while you're listening, but it's still incredibly sensual. Been playing non-stop for me the past few nights.[/color][/font][font=Times New Roman][color=#dda0dd][/color][/font] [font=Times New Roman][color=#dda0dd]Dream of Batman. [/color][/font]

Juan C (de) wrote: a very funny family movie that makes getting even with your dad fun and hillarious. A

Lourdes T (nl) wrote: The book its better... the movie mixes characters...

Grant S (jp) wrote: Interesting WW2 drama. Not entirely conventional - few action sequences, and explores the psychological aspect of struggling with loss. Ultimately more a survival movie than a war movie. Even has a romantic element, though this was underdeveloped.Great performance from Gregory Peck, as always. Good support from Bernard Lee, Lyndon Brookm Maurice Denham and Win Min Than.

Livvie H (de) wrote: Best family movie ever!!