The Lost Samaritan

The Lost Samaritan

After a long night at the office, an accountant stops to help an injured motorist and ends up becoming the target of two dangerous assassins.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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After a long night at the office, an accountant stops to help an injured motorist and ends up becoming the target of two dangerous assassins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Lost Samaritan torrent reviews

Gabriel B (mx) wrote: awful. Debbie does Dallas meets cheap James bond flick with a terrible plot and almost no acting. if I was going to say 1 thing good about the movie it would be "its over"...if I were to say a distant 2nd good thing about the movie it would be that a couple of the actresses were easy on the eyes

Andre R (de) wrote: Unfortunately, it's not even funny anymore

Peter B (ag) wrote: I came, I saw, I was not conquered. If "Time to Leave" was a question rather than a title then the answer is about 10 minutes.

Toni H (mx) wrote: Such a wonderful movie with such a beautiful Christian message!

Paul J (ru) wrote: Dardenne Brothers do it again. Another perfect homage to Bresson. In particular, Mouchette. The main female protagonist is seriously flawed and perfectly real. We dislike her, yet empathize. It's filmmaking that's uncompromising and assured. Unpleasant, yet honest.

Bob T (au) wrote: A little slow moving in the non-Alf scenes (particularly the beginning), and the lack of physical displays of affection by the male and female lead is a bit annoying considering that the movie is beyond a simple kids movie.Martin Sheen does a fantastic job of portraying a villain in what is no doubt the lowest point on his resume.Alf carries everything into the last 3/4ths of the movie when he teams up for some witty banter with a robot and hilarity ensues. Don't miss this little known gem.

Alex V (ca) wrote: Aww I'm 7/8 again!!! So damn good.

Andy P (ca) wrote: It's hard to feel empathy for people as useless and devoid of character as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen and there are times when even Cox seems disinterested in them, but there are shines of vivacious energy and poignant moments (particularly in scenes depicting the childish tenderness they often displayed to one another) to this portrait of drug addiction and doomed love that, dare I say, leaves you feeling a little sad for the junkie losers the film depicts and there are two sequences, the visceral my way stage performance and that truly haunting ending, that were revealing of the tragic, nihilistic character who Gary Oldman plays uncannily.

Brad S (ru) wrote: Well, it didn't suck....I suppose that is something. I remember seeing it in High School and I like Alan Arlkin, but...

jay n (gb) wrote: Good performances by Jeff and Sally and Arnold is okay, his role doesn't really require much from him. Not a great film but an okay way to spend a couple of hours.

Tim R (ru) wrote: The godfather of all cult midnight movies, El Topo made Jodorosky a visionary star. A peon to sin and redemtion, violence and Zen - it still has lost none of its power to shock and fascinate.

Bric H (au) wrote: Really really bad production...What a waste...

Mark D (es) wrote: This movie is worth an 70 just because of the Dog! This is a very good movie with very good interplay between The Duke and his sons. It is sad that the two stars of the movie the Indian and Dog both die by machete.