The Lost Steps

The Lost Steps

An Argentinean family living in Spain has their lives rocked when a famous author from their home country claims that their daughter is actually his granddaughter who was lost during a war.

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Jeff H (it) wrote: I liked the cast of this film, but there wasn't enough in the story to make it feel like a complete film. Sarah Silverman was great but not believable as Steve Buscemi's girlfriend.

Shawn S (jp) wrote: I admit I'll see anything with Tadanobu Asano in it, especially if it's unconventional. This was certainly unconventional, but also engaging if you like exploring language and the meaning of words. Made more sense within particular scenes than overall; perhaps too much was lost in translation.

Walter M (ru) wrote: In "Seven Men from Now," Ben Stride(Randolph Scott) is on the hunt for seven men who robbed a Wells Fargo office in Silver Springs. He has already dispatched two of them by the time he comes across John(Walter Reed) and Annie Greer(Gail Russell) who are stuck in the mud on their way to California. Their voyage has not exactly gone as planned as he has had to take on odd jobs from time to time to earn money but their fortunes look up when Stride not only helps them get out of their predicament but also agrees to ride with them. His protection might come in handy as there are starving Indians on the warpath but not when encountering Masters(Lee Marvin) and Clete(Donald Barry) who are interested in the outlaws for a less charitable reason. "Seven Men from Now" is a very entertaining western that is a notch and a half above the usual fare due to imaginative camerawork, a scene stealing performance from Lee Marvin of barely controlled menace, how well information is dispensed and especially character development. Notice where the characters start out compared to where they finish. At first, Masters looks down on John Greer while staring lustily at his wife. And it would be interesting to think what Stride's path would be if he had not encountered the Greers.

SA H (br) wrote: Mia Farrow is spectacular! The chemistry between her and Woody Allen is a treat to watch. They get into ridiculous situations together driving the plot along nicely. The way the story is told though a bunch of guys at Carnegie Deli is awesome. I didn't want it to end!

Nena A (jp) wrote: I love love stories:))

Kyle A (es) wrote: I loved nearly everything about this film, HOWEVER it's not for everyone! I'd lump it in with movies like Life Is Beautiful, Cinema Paradiso, etc., for the feelings of being included within the story's emotive process, but made for people who love The City of Lost Children. I am aware people probably will compare it to things like Terry Gilliam's other work Brazil, but his talent exceeds too many boundaries to just be compared with his own work.If you like surreal, but want to feel good by following a likable quirky character, this is for you. If you want brainless and trendy sci-fi, you aren't going to like it. I think Terry is a brilliantly artistic visionary, that never caters to the LCD, and I'm thrilled about that.

Tasha D (it) wrote: Prelep film! Pun emocija... Smeh i suze u isto vreme uz malu dozu crnog humora i morbidnosti!

Adam D (de) wrote: Not really impressed w/ this series