The Lotus Eaters

The Lotus Eaters

Set off the West Coast of Canada in 1965, a hip new teacher with a miniskirt and lots of ideas turns a small town upside down. The soft autumn light of Galiano Island is beautifully rendered in writer/producer Peggy Thompson's The Lotus Eaters, and that's not the only elusive element that this film has captured. In revisiting its particular time and place - the Gulf Islands of the early '60s -Thompson obviously draws on her own family experiences there. For those who share Thompson's love of Gulf Islands magic, the elements she has assembled will feel as familiar as their own childhood blanket. But there are problems at the core of this story about a family's loss of innocence.

It's 1964 on one of the Gulf Islands off the coast of Vancouver, BC. The Kingswoods - father Hal, mother Diana, late teen-aged daughter Cleo, adolescent daughter Zoe, and Hal's long widowed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew G (ru) wrote: Very enjoyable in plot and jokes.

Nick P (fr) wrote: This is what the movie should have been. Don't get me wrong, the movie looked amazing, but there was so much more in this tiny short than in a 76 minute movie.

Travis T (gb) wrote: haha, terrible... but in a good way.

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